Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bauer Pink Speckleware on "Mad Men" and Another Fun Ashtray!

Bauer Pink Speckleware Casserole Bowl in Bakers Rack FREE SHIPPING!OPENLINK!

Vintage Bauer Pottery Pink Speckleware casserole dish is from one of the most collected California Pottery Houses. In pristine condition, pretty in pink, this Bauer Casserole seats in a pretty untarnished gold caddy or bakers rack. Three footed, the handles have a coil grip for no burn handling. The casserole is missing a lid but a 8” Pyrex one will do just fine!It measures 8.5” X 3”, standing alone without the rack.Not one spider bite, chip or crack or crazing anywhere. This piece is how we wish all of them were!
AS SEEN ON TV! Our piece has been in the movies lately! this casserole is sitting at the dinner table om "Mad Men" The picture and the full story from "Potteries of California" is in this link...This is it with the lid and without the rack: Bauer on "Mad Men"!
Has 3 “butt” rests and that’s it. Simple, in good condition and very orange! Vintage 50’s.No chips or cracks. 2 teeny spider bites and before the glaze was added a slight nick in the ashtray rim has been glazed over. There is some very faint crazing. I didn’t notice until a very thorough inspection.California Original Pottery’s are 50’s Atomic Age classics.
Wanted: I want to expand my
"brick and "mortar space at the shop that all my lovely collectibles are shown ...and sell at... A very nice space has opened up I want to get it but I need someone to share it with here in San Jose, Ca and split the expense cost dependent on the amount of space you need. If by chance you may be interested please let me know 408.355.0436 PST

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Antiques - A Good Investment During a Recession?

Antiques - A Good Investment During a Recession?

By John MceThe current economic downturn has meant many traditional investments such as property and equity are failing to provide investors with worthwhile returns, and many people are looking to alternative investments, and antique dealers are seeing an increased interest as a result.Recent announcements by auction houses Christies and Sothebys have highlighted a ten per cent jump in the sales of art and collectables in the UK last year. And why not revel in a stable investment which can be admired and appreciated as well as grow profit?Antiques enjoy a steady price appreciation, and these prices are not too volatile or subject to unrelated fluctuations in the financial markets. There is also the ability of the investor to appreciate his or her investment in terms other than financial. On top of being a sound financial investment in uncertain times, it is incredibly rewarding to surround yourself with nice objects, with a warmth and charm. Try cuddling up next to your stock certificates or premium bonds.Antique furniture is sheer quality. A higher level of workmanship is associated with antiques, and because the quality is high their value was observed and protected by owners. If you invest in an antique it is imperative that you look after it if you hope to gain a return on your investment.Antiques teach history, they are a piece of our past. As well as offering a safe investment opportunity, they are material history and are the best indication of what everyday life was like in the past.If you're thinking about investing in antiques during the recession, there are some options which are safer than others. It is usually agreed that it is better to buy a high quality object from a lower price range than a damaged or poorly-maintained object from a higher price range.Beware of fakes and forgeries, antique fairs are full of them. Forgeries are big business and sometimes even experts are deceived. Reputable dealers will be happy to supply further information on the history of the piece and point out any retoration work which may have been carried out on it.Also, if you really are investing in antiques purely for economic gain, then diversify your antique investments. Since one type of furniture or era of pottery could quickly become unfashionable and uncollectable it makes sense to invest in a range of different antiques to reduce the impact that trends will have on your investment. Article Source: Articles Engine

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cary Grant, A Royal Topsy Turvy Standard and a Pre-Pantyhose token!

I love this romantic Royal Standard "Keepsake" pattern. Aside from the lovely white rose with its pink center, it has a wide border of white lace on black...very unusual and absolutely delicate! Take a closer look and read more about it and click on the link above.

Also very romantic is Cary Grant! I have listed in my store this damaged copy (only the 1st 16 pages of its 83 pages), of "Screen Romances" dated 1939! Water damage has hit it but all is very readable and ...well see for yourself, and open the link and check it out. Read about the bias in the advertising...the advertising in the magazine makes it worth the $ and the read themselves. Our Mothers had a hard line to toe to counter act the degradation that was imposed on them via advertising and social standards in the 30's. 40's.

Just for kicks, I am also selling this package of 100%
Cotton Ladies Hose or StockingsOPEN LINK! that are vintage 50's! I got them at an estate sale and they were in a room chock full of beautiful lingerie and linens all vintage 40's 50's I was in heaven. I decided I would get these as a reminder of the pre-panty hose era.

As a special treat I wanted to share with you fabulously creative site of a throw back vintage millinery called Topsy Turvy Designs. The designer, Kim Brown, of these fabulously creative hats, that are worn by celebrities and featured in many magazines, has permitted me to share with you her album. But the website alone is a treat to view as well. So I will just simply link your here: Topsy Turvy Designs OPEN LINK! I love the rich theatrical flavors both in the site as well as the designs. I met her on FaceBook and have enjoyed her posts so much that I just had to share with you. The styles, while new, definitley have vintage, renaissance, & gothic flavors. Enjoy!

Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas. ~ Paula Poundstone


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Cutest Dog Competition
Vote for my DogSponsored by All American Pet Brands makers of premium dog food.

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A Sweet Summer Activity for the Kids! The Toy Maker Site ~ Free!

Found this darling site for the kids and the kid in us...The Toymaker
Are the kids are starting to complain? "There's nothing to do". I think this will buy some time!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wonder Boy Tom Sawyer, Men's Fashions and You tubes!

First view this actual footage of David O Selznick's Adventures of Tom Sawyer 1938OPEN LINK! ....

...then reminisce further with this 1955 Wonder Book Adventures of Tom SawyerOPEN LINK! with actual black and whites on the inside jackets, from the very same footage!

This easy to read for all ages, but geared to children from about 8 and up, is in perfect condition. It is soft bound and remarkably shows very little ware.Copyrighted 1955, the lively illustrations, which are on every page, are 2 toned black and mauve. The inside jackets show actual black and white photographs: Scenes from David O. Selznick’s Technicolor Production of Mark Twain’s Adventures of Tom Sawyer. There is a small illegible date stamp on the front cover. The newsprint type paper does show some yellowing. The cover and back is in full color. With 64 pages of fun adventure, it is amazing how not one page is crimped or marked on or otherwise showing wear! Even the spine is in very good condition. MAC always pays your shipping!!

Next I want to share with you another You Tube Video I found. It is a hoot! Vintage Fashion Newsreel: Men's Fashion 1954OPEN LINK! Why am I showing you this? Well it seemed the perfect segway for my next item newly posted 1946 Men’s Hand Knit Classics – Ayr Scotch Wools Knitting Pattern BookOPEN LINK! I love the vintage look on a man! You can get started on your Christmas knitting! Yeah right! Really more importantly, since this little book is getting very tattered...after 62 years of use it really should be preserved and placed on display it is sooo classic.

Well that's all for now...I appreciate your interest. If you are willing you can subscribe on the right at "My Creative Followers"

Ever wonder how they do fine Irish Crochet?

You Tube video of Irish Crochet...Wow! I find it relaxing just watching the movements...but the artistry is impressive!

Blue Ribbon winning Crocheted Barbie Dresses

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tea at Stoke On Trent and a Large Bauer Bowl

Fenton Stoke On Trent Radfords Tea Cup and Saucer OPEN LINK!
In mint condition…not a chip or flaw anywhere, and with perfectly hand painted gilt gold leaves and rims, this pretty set is a must for your collection. There is almost as much gold in the design as there is in the variegated red and pink roses. Set on a scalloped ”Bone China” white porcelain, the ruby roses float amongst the gold leaves and stems. Inside the cup is a solitary rose to look at while you sip. It is very sheer in the light and light weight. The mark reads “Fenton Stoke On Trent Radfords Bone China Made in England”. There are some numbers painted in gold as well. Priced with FREE SHIPPING, you cannot go wrong with this work of art.

Bauer Speckleware Large Casserole Bowl OPEN LINK!

The classic 50’s turquoise, although this piece could very well be dated as far back as the 30’s. It is in mint condition. Absolutely no chips, cracks or crazing. It does have 1 teeny, tiny spider bite on the base of the bowl, barely visible and can barely feel it. It has the classic teeny gray speckles in the glaze, thus the term “Speckleware”. A nice light and bright turquoise. The bowl has a lip so a lid may have been used on this, but the diameter is 9.5 and could easily be supplemented with a Pyrex or other type lid…if you were to use it. But frankly, this beautiful piece deserves to be simply displayed and added to your collection. The height is 3.5”.The mark on the bottom is a very clear “Bauer” and it does have 3 post marks from the manufacturer on the bottom. It weighs 2lb 3oz, and will be shipped very carefully and marked fragile. The best news is that…. MAC ALWAYS PAYS YOUR SHIPPING!

Collecting Antique Baby Dolls

The word authentic is often connected to expensive, but this is a misconception. True if you collect antique baby dolls, these could be pricey. Well, it depends on the kind of doll that you want. There are some antique baby dolls that can be bought for only a few hundreds of dollars.If you're lucky, you may even get these for less.
Elegant lady International European OPEN LINK!

One example is the Armand Marseille. These are antique German dolls that is said to be one of the best antique baby dolls on the market today. They are extremely common which some collectors believe make it a non-rarity but there are still other collectors who go for these kinds of antique baby
dolls.Just with all the manufacturers of authentic German dolls, there are Armand Marseille dolls that have been restored. Collectors who buy antique baby dolls specifically the Armand Marseille make sure that the dolls they get have authentic parts. These are pricey though but there are Armand Marseille dolls that can be purchased below $500.Another popular antique baby dolls for collectors are the Kestner Shoulderhead Dolls. These are well loved and popular German made bisque dolls. The rarer the Kestner Shoulderhead Doll is, the more expensive it is.If the collector of antique baby dolls are on a budget, there is still another option for them. They can look for the lovely shoulderheaded versions and buy these instead. Though the classic trademark of the Kestner Shoulderhead Dolls have their mouths open. The less pricey antique baby dolls of this kind have their mouths closed.Collectors also pay close attention to the features, painting, and the material of the Kestner Shoulderhead Dolls. These should be made of bisque which make it really authentic.The third most popular antique baby dolls for collectors are the antique dollhouse dolls. These are made from papier mache, wax, wood, bisque, and china. They are small and the models of the bisque dolls vary.The best thing about this doll is that a lot of collectors do their best to get their hands on these kinds of antique baby dolls therefore they are vastly produced. They are also cheaper compared to the other dolls because these can be bought for $200 to $300.The German toddler dolls were manufactured in the 1900s and were originally display dolls. Nowadays, these are considered to be antique baby dolls for collectors. They usually come with a rocking chair or an old cradle.
Rick Lee

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Confiding in The Den.... Over Tea with Marilyn

“Marilyn” by Queen Anne Footed Teacup and Saucer ~ England shipping! OPEN LINK!
Fine Bone China
Absolutely perfect condition! Every stroke of gold trim is artfully hand painted and shows NO wear. The hand painted pattern is reminiscent of a fresh Spring morning as the little belled flower bows to the grass. The colors are white flowers on a light teal background, with a touch of yellow on them. The cup and the saucer have a rippled rim that is fancied with a yellow border and yellow pin point dots. Absolutely sweet! The bottom mark reads: “ Marilyn” Queen Anne Fine Bone China England. The porcelain is very sheer in the light. Replacements Unlimited lists this same set at $43.95 + Shipping. My Attic’s Charms is going to do much better than that and MAC pays your shipping!
Norman Rockwell Rediscovering Women Collector Plate “Confiding In the Den” OPEN LINK!
Norman Rockwell Rediscovering Women Collector Plate “Confiding In the Den”Something deep and troublesome, is being discussed here…Hopes have been dashed…but this too will pass…Rockwell always seems to capture the whole story in one image! This Collectors plate by Norman Rockwell is circa 90’s. It is a limited edition and numbered 12695K. It is certified as a true Rockwell Classic. Made by Knowles. There is no certificate available. But is stamped with the Official Rockwell Society of America Insignia.It is in pristine condition. The rich image is bordered with a floral pattern and edged in gold.
Culture relates to objects and is a phenomenon of the world; entertainment relates to people and is a phenomenon of life. Hannah Arendt