Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homeside 1949 Loom and Vintage French Lessons

Homeside Hand Weaving Loom With Instruction Leaflet
Clever little loom that can spark the interest of any child...on rain or snow days or long drives...also a fabulous in mint condition collectible of childhood toys from 1949. This has been in storage most of these past years. the instruction booklet details how to make Potholders, Place Mats, Doilies, Ruggs, Dolls, etc.

Includes 2 needles, 1 hook, green frame/loom, Instruction pamphlet. No yarn... All in mint condition! Made by Homeside Yarns Inc., NY. Heavy Gage Steel. I presume any yarn can be used

Living French A Complete Language Course Box Set
Awesome graphics on this boxed set. It includes 40 lessons complete on 4 LP HiFi 331/3 RPM Records, and 2 books.
These Living Language courses that were based on "US Gov methods".
The books are titled "Everyday Conversation Manual" and "Listen and Repeat Comprehensive Common Usage Dictionary".
These albums are in almost like new condition! You can see in the picture the lustre on them. the books are like new as well. The set is 10.25 SQ x 1.
What a great collectible from the Atomic era and the expanding internationalism frenzy.
This is part of a series of different languages...start your collection today!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Read Together Poems .... 16 Teen Magazine.... from long ago!

Let's Read Together Poems Kindergarten - Primary Grades 1949
A fine Collection of childrens poems, all in one 1949 vintage mint condition hard bound book!

An Anthology of Verse for Choral Reading. By Harry J. Heltman and Helen A. Brown
Chapters: Nursery Rhymes. Childhood Mystery and Experience Stories. Living Things. Nature and Seasons. People. Religious Poetry. Special Days. Transportation. Wee Folks and Magic.

162 pages. Hardbound Canvas Tri Color of children and trees and 1 school house. No illustrations.
Let's Read Together Poems Kindergarten - Primary Grades 1949
Sixteen 16 Teen Magazine 1963 101 Pics of Elvis

Sixteen Magazine...A teen favorite of mine.
The bobble head images of Connie Stevens, Michael Landon, Paul Peterson are pretty cute.
This magazine is not in mint condition it is showing so fraying around the edges. There is some separation, not completely, of the cover from the body pages, and some of the inside pages. but all are still together.

Also Michael Landon on the inside has been turned into a devil face with purple marker...! but this just adds to the fun of the vintage read.

Fabulous gossip stories and pics! Oh and speaking
of pics there
101 of Elvis!
There is a Vince Edwards Center fold and Neil Sedaka is the only color photo on the inside back cover. All the rest of the pages are a newsprint sepia

67 pages. You will thoroughly enjoy reminiscing with this slice of teen 1963 idoldom!

Also Check out this cute cartoon video from eja217 about gossip magazines!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MM Morris Moskowitz Pure Silk Vintage Purse Handbag Pocketbook With Saks Mirror

MM Morris Moskowitz Pure Silk Vintage Purse
Very very soft! "MM Fine silk" monogrammed on the inside. The outer is a pure black sild. Double silk handle. Gold Floral motif clasp. A creamy buff lining of a fine silky feel. It is plush too, that is to say it has a thick padded lining.

The floral motif filagree gold metal latch works perfectly and smoothly.

The darted opening, (opens very wide) has a small internal side pocket that carries the items that were in it when I purchased this at an estate sale.

They are a Saks 5th Ave tortouise shell hand-mirror and a blue lacy hanky and a vintage glitter-speckled hair comb. Very elegant. Sophisticated. Very minor use markings inside. Spotless outside.

A beautiful 8.5x5.5x 1 w handbag, that would be well suited for evening, with it's combed sheen, or day wear.

Here is some history on "MM" : from The Bag Lady U.
"Small evening bags in luxurious satins, velvets, and brocades are offered by Morris Moscowitz. Among them is a neat tailored satin pouch with a flap that is adaptable to any type of jewel trim. It comes in a myriad colors. A double handled bucket bag has a sloping circular top lined with a large round mirror."
"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955 More here...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens Red Check Cook Book 1951

Better Homes and Gardens Red Check Cook Book 1951
 "Oh my Mom used to have one of those!" I hear this all the time. My Mom too...I used to love it when she pulled it out of her cookbook library...I knew something wonderful was going to be on the table that night!
Considering that the previous owner of this book really did use this... it is in really good condition. But you can tell that it was used. There is the expected discoloring from light here and there, mainly on the inside jacket. The outside is beautiful!
The tabs are not brand new looking. But the pages are all in tact, and still very colorful and useful. Not any markings that I can see...
Bonus! There are lots of loose recipes, which I figure, since they have been living so long in this Better Homes Cookbook that they should stay that you can try out her recommended or favorite recipes too!
It has all the usual chapters from Appetizers to Desserts, and great full color pictures.
The book size is 9 3/4" x 7 3/4" x 1 3/4" Copyright 1951
Put something wonderful on your table the book!

Here is a really cool and dated video from Shaggylocks on You Tube   Cooking: Terms and What They Mean (1949)  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Princess Pink Woven Sewing Basket

Vintage Princess Pink Woven Sewing Basket
A sweet bouquet of multi colored daises are decaled on the top of this in like new condition, sewing basket.

A full sized bouquet of multi colored daises are on the top. A small bouquet is matching on the inside bottom. This is a very pretty and useful little sewing box.

The daisy motif on the top decal has dried but entirely in tact, none of it is peeled or chipped away. But the top does have a small white discoloration on the top edge about 1 in long from factory. You can barely see it in the pic. It is as if it was touched when the paint was still wet...seen in pics.

The pink chord handle is like new too. No other marks, chips, broken weaves, and the bottom is very clean with no markings! one side of edge on the lids rim has very smal worn off paint...probably from where the lid slides to the side to open.

Inside is a row of 9 spool dowels on a tray. No other pieces or attachments.
Maker is Princess Crystal Lake Illinois Reg US Pat Office2536590 Pat Pend. It measures 11 x 6.

Useful for a sewing basket, hat box, a goody box or as a lovely vintage display for your sewing room!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Set: 4 English Floral Samplers Framed in Embossed Brass Sheeting

Set: 4 English Floral Samplers Framed in Embossed Brass Sheeting
This lovely quad of flower samples under glass and framed in delicate shimmering stenciled brass sheet are stunningly sweet. While the illustrations of the roses are not original the detail on them is beautiful. I believe they are all roses, but not positive.
The images are in very good condition, except that one (the yellow classic rose) has a very light discoloration at the side of the rose. The circular glass covers of the images are in very good condition with no chips or cracks or scratches.
The metal frames are very thin and flexible. You can literally bend them. They are stamp cut in the border with butterflies and the metal carries through as the back of the frame as well, which all are in excellent condition. Each one is embossed “Made In England” and has a pull away eye in the metal to place your hook in. They are very light weight individually, but together they weigh about a pound. They measure 6” around.
Very pretty! These would look beautiful on your vintage wall collection.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bissell's Little Queen Childs Carpet Sweeper 1955

Bissell's Little Queen         This adorable Mommy's helper carpet sweeper is in almost perfect condition.
The chrome bracket is sparkling as you can see, which is remarkable for a childs toy from 1955!
The metal red top and underside is completely dent and paint chip free! It looks almost new! The rubber bumper around the side is very good too. I think the "Little Queen" that owned this didn't like being "mommies little helper" or house cleaning! In fact, The man I bought it from said " was my sisters and it had been in storage since she was a little girl in the 50's".
Bissell manufactured these from 1955 through 1963.
It is missing the teal green handle. But the screw in on the metal bracket is in perfect condition and ready for a new painted dowel from any hardware store. Also, the red top, while very solidly secure and in place, is slightly ajar from the teal green wooden frame. This does not detract from its usability at all and frankly very hard to even notice, you can slightly see this in the top-view pic.
The bottom has some wonderful vintage verbage about helping mommy and so on...more on that later...just wanted to get this posted. I will have the complete text for you soon...It is very cute.
The bristle, might be horse hair and the rollers work fine.
What a charming piece of vintage houswares and toys!

Here is a SHOCKING You Tube from one of Australia's Mothers Little Helpers!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Justin Bieber move over! BOBBY SHERMAN - "Little Woman" - 1970

What a cutie!!!
Thank you MissTinsley for the You Tube!

Bobby Sherman Lunch Box 1972 Tote Purse Handbag

Bobby Sherman 1972 Lunchbox!
Alright girls! Settle down! Yes here he is... Bobby in a box! I know you remember his sweet sexy smile...and his "La, La, La" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" tunes.

I personally had such a crush on him and I even got to meet him once at the local mall...just a lucky chance meeting...he hung around with us mall rats for hours!

But back to the Lunch Box....It is in used condition of course, with scratches and marks...look closely at the pics though, (sorry about the quality), you will not see any dents or rust. Some expected tarnish on the metal lock. The hinge, latch and the handle are all solid and work perfectly. The litho print is worn in the obvious places as the pics will show.
Inside is the markngs of where the themos once rested. There is no thermos.

All that being said, this is a wonderful collectors piece of early bubble gum rock....and...BOBBY SHERMAN! But also this would make a cool tote or handbag! why not?

Below is a bit of history and also what Bobby is doing won't believe it! What a sweetheart!

Bobby Sherman was an extremely popular teen idol of the early 1970's -He starred in the the TV Shows, "Getting Together", "Here Come The Brides" and "Shindig" - His Gold Records included: "Little Woman", "La, La, La", " and "Julie Do Ya Love Me"

Bobby today: Wanting to be a hands-on dad and taking his role of dad very seriously, Bobby took a first aid course which proved to be the open door for his current passion, Emergency Medicine. He and his wife Patti divorced in 1979 and Bobby has remained single.

A trained EMT since 1988, Bobby now works for the L.A. Police Department as a specialist officer, assigned to the training department, where he is responsible for teaching thousands of cadets first aid and CPR. Bobby has said that medical rescue work and teaching is the best life experience and training that he could ever have.

In 1999, Bobby become a San Bernardino County Sheriff, starting the same service he provided for the LAPD.

In 1996 Bobby co-wrote his autobiography, "Bobby Sherman: Still Remembering You". Book promotion appearances on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show", "Jay Leno" and "A.M. L.A" showed Bobby that his fans had not forgotten him. In 1998, after a 25 year absence, eager fans flocked to see him in concert as part of "The Teen Idol Tour" with Peter Noone, and Davy Jones.

Although Bobby is retired from the entertainment business and public life he donates his services as a sworn officer with the LAPD and to his Foundation which supplies volunteer EMTs to community events. Bobby continues to live at his long-time home in Encino. In his off-hours he enjoys spending time with his two sons and five grandchildren.

Whitman Backgammon Game 4832 Western Publishing Co.1973

This was in such mint condition, I couldn't resist buying it at an estate sale and posting it for you...It is a 1973, like new set. The 30 checkers are still in the original wrapping, sealed.
Classic 70's font style.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lufkin Rule Co Cloth 50 Ft Leather Bound Retractable Tape Measure

Lufkin Rule Co Cloth 50 Ft Leather Bound Retractable Tape Measure
This 50 foot leather bound rule has seen some work!
It is cloth and is missing its pull. But still perfectly retractable when you push the button on the back and it pops the crank open to hand wind. The metal casing is bound in brown leather.
I have inspected the entire 50 ft of tape and all is in tact and usable. But rather this is a nice collectible of tools gone by.
The owner had scratched in pen "50 ft" on it. The Embossed leather reads 'Mettallic Lufkin Rule Co Saginaw Mich.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Charlotte Becker Framed Duet Baby Print "Take Me In Your Arms" & "Land O' Dreams"

Looking at these do so want to 'take them in your arms' and sleep away with them in their 'land of dreams'...sweet and precious happy babies...what can be more soothing to look at than that?

This duet is framed in a very nice and in perfect shape frame. Ready to hang, but it does not have a glass. All the same, the images are in perfect condition (with one teeny white hairline in the blue heart outline on one of them), and you can see Charlotte Beckers signatures and titles in both of them. On the left is "Take Me in Your Arms" and the right is " Land O Dreams".

It appears that someone has tried to look at the back of the print as the wrapping is mostly torn away, but still secured. Of course this is easily remedied. The picture does need a new matte as it has been marred, as you can see in the picture.

The frame itself is a gray washed, antique look frame.

About Ms Becker: Charlotte Becker (1907-1984) was well known for her figures and portraits, especially of children. She was born in Germany and came to the United States at the age of 5. She is considered a great baby artist.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Shep by Elvis

Elvis Presley Singing "Old Shep" (pause the radio below & open this link. takes about a minute to open)
....get out the tissues....

70's Toy Commercials

This is a fun ride! Toys from the 70's in Commercials. open link. Thanks to bolt70
Check it out...then I have Japanese 50's to 60's toy below...

Ohta K Brand Metal Wind up Lady Bug Tin Litho Friction Toy

Lady Bug - Ohta K Brand
This all metal and Lithographed full color wind up toy is as cute as a bug in a rug!
2 wheels on the bottom allows it to roll as a push toy, however the wind up key does not work. Maybe with some oiling it may. Just pretty tight.
But as a vintage toy collectible, she is adorable. All yellow body and multicolored dots on the body. A bright happy face too. there are 2 very unnoticeable holes on the top that I presume had feelers in them, but they are missing. It measures: 3.25 x 2.5 x 1.5 tall. Perfect size for little hands!
The litho color is perfect not a scratch or chip anywhere. The under body has normal scuff marks from play, but just a few, and there are no dents!
The Ohta K monogram is on the side and made in is a bit more about this 50's toy maker:

Ohta (K)
• Founded 1950's • Tokyo / Japan
Ohta (K) was a small, short lived Tokyo toymaker that created a small collection of playthings under their own brand, mainly during the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Ohta's current disposition is unknown, but it is presumed to have failed during the 1960's shakeout of the Japanese toy industry

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vintage Hand Painted Folk Art 2 Sided Pan Skillet Wall Hanging

Vintage Hand Painted Folk Art 2 Sided Pan Skillet Wall Hanging
Two very different scenes of folk art is hand toll painted on each side of this vintage pan. A Rooster enjoying the day on one side, and on the other side, two children discussing lifes mysteries as they feed the chickens.
The toll hand painting is painted right over the rustic burnt on crustiness of the metal. This of course adds to the folk art nature of the piece.
A hole in the handle is where one can hang on the wall on either side.
The pan or skillet is not dented at all, and as sturdy as can be. The handle and the pan are molded as all one piece. Measures 8x15" pan / 75x2" From tip of the handle to pan rim. There are some very small spider bites/chips of the paint on the rim, but nowhere else are there chips. All the paint is in tact.
A sunny and warm piece for your kitchen or folk art collection.

Friday, July 8, 2011

His and Hers....2 versions of Blue Moon...Lovely...

The Silver Throated Mel Torme sings Blue Moon....His and hers....Jo Stafford doing the same piece below! IT COULD TAKE UP TO A MINUTE TO LOAD.

Blue Moon

Jo Stafford "Blue Moon" Women of the Jazz Age Love this slow and sultry romantic tune....IT COULD TAKE UP TO A MINUTE TO LOAD.

1964 Motor Trend Magazine & the Horseless Carriage Gazette

1964 Motor Trend Magazine in perfect condition to add to your gear-head collection!
Check out what they were predicting in 64 to see what turned out to be true.

Slick magazine that covers the world of the Horseless Carriage.
Enthusiasts from the 60's share and boast their vintage beauties. The letter to the editor picture is quite interesting as he shares his 285 miles in 6 days journey from Willits, Ca where he had to change the tires on his iron horse 11 times...
Also featuring a cartoon from the well known artist of the time, Ward Kimball. More about him here.
"Ward Kimball Cartoonist..."
This picture is of its beautiful Centerfold!!....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In honor of Children...


Please see my Mother and Child Calendar below....

Mother and Child Baby Flip Calendar Print Picture 1942 Sealed

Precious! A Young Mother holding her child close wrapped in softness, pastels, happiness and love. Mothers is wearing a sheer wrap, baby is wearing nothing. Behind them is the full moon. Symbolic of motherhood.
This is in perfect condition as it is sealed and backed with carboard. the brown spots seen in the picture is on the cellophane sealed sleeve. Some of the rippling in the picture is from the cello as well. Ready for matting and framing.
The flip calendar is dated 1942, but this was probably made some time earlier than 42. It measures 7.25 x 16".

Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass A Taste of Honey Video 1966

Check out this You Tube of the great 'Taste of Honey' set to a cheezy video...Herb doesn't even look like he is playing the same song...totally out of sync! opwn the link...
Aw well... below is some more cheezy classic Tijuana memorabilia!

Tijuana Mexico Wooden Sombrero Ashtray 50's Souvenir Monogrammed

Ok Californians ...remember going to Tijuana with the family years ago and heading for the market place...all the color and the people and the donkeys and the souvenirs?
This is one of them ....and it was used, as you can see!
It is the shape of a sombrero and and etched markings and wordings decorate its black paint relief design. One side says Tijuana Mexico. The reverse side says "The Dolds", the families name that purchased it. The crown of the "sombrero" seats the cigarette and has Mexico etched in it as well..
It is nicotine stained and some of the black paint has come off, but all in all it is still very readable and a terrific memorabilia of Tijuana and the trinkets that were, for a few pesos, brought home to share and use.
The bottom has 3 bone button feet. I have read that this is actual bone.
This is very old and is a fine addition to nostalgic tobacciana, as well as old Tijuana!

Bing Crosby ...Early American

Bing Crosby ...In honor of 4th of July....sings, Early American open link..

Monday, July 4, 2011

Courier & Ives Lithograph of the Seasons Wood Plaques 1971

These lovely Courier & Ives Lithographs, set on hardwood, are in very good condition.
Depicting the four seasons, home life in all it glory and beauty are captured by the famous litographers work.
The Roadside Mill features Spring ... all in bloom
American Homestead features Summer and happy animals
American Homestead Autumn features the Fall, harvest time and abundance
A Home in The Wilderness features the quiet times of winter

Each one is printed with the text: "1971 Stapco, N.Y. Published by Courier and Ives 153 Nassau St. New York Lito in USA". The Roadside Mill does have a few brown spots at the bottom of the image which is not very noticeable in person, but can be seen in the photos.
They measure 7.75 x 5.5 x .75". The paper reproductioins are very securely in tact to the board. No peeling or even the beginning of peelings The backs a not marred, and they do not have brackets for hanging. The rustic wood backings are in very good shape and meant to have the rough edges. They are not chipped or damaged in anyway.
A very nice quadrant of Americana.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Check this out!!!

1956 Plymouth Radio Ads & Ads from Magazines

Great clips of Plymouth ads from 50's Magazines!

and since I have you in the mood....see the next post

Drag Racing Magazines 68 & 73-Bolt On Fuel Injection & Lions Last Race

This sought after issue of Drag Racing Magazine is in good condition. Bolt on Fuel Injection, "Watching the 'birds' " (girls at the racetrack) are among the articles in the 1968 issue.

Drag Racing USA Magazine March 73 Lions Last Race
1973 Drag Racing USA Magazine featuring Lions Raceway "Last Race" This vintage magazine is in very good condition.