Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bissell's Little Queen Childs Carpet Sweeper 1955

Bissell's Little Queen         This adorable Mommy's helper carpet sweeper is in almost perfect condition.
The chrome bracket is sparkling as you can see, which is remarkable for a childs toy from 1955!
The metal red top and underside is completely dent and paint chip free! It looks almost new! The rubber bumper around the side is very good too. I think the "Little Queen" that owned this didn't like being "mommies little helper" or house cleaning! In fact, The man I bought it from said " was my sisters and it had been in storage since she was a little girl in the 50's".
Bissell manufactured these from 1955 through 1963.
It is missing the teal green handle. But the screw in on the metal bracket is in perfect condition and ready for a new painted dowel from any hardware store. Also, the red top, while very solidly secure and in place, is slightly ajar from the teal green wooden frame. This does not detract from its usability at all and frankly very hard to even notice, you can slightly see this in the top-view pic.
The bottom has some wonderful vintage verbage about helping mommy and so on...more on that later...just wanted to get this posted. I will have the complete text for you soon...It is very cute.
The bristle, might be horse hair and the rollers work fine.
What a charming piece of vintage houswares and toys!

Here is a SHOCKING You Tube from one of Australia's Mothers Little Helpers!

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