Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Princess Pink Woven Sewing Basket

Vintage Princess Pink Woven Sewing Basket
A sweet bouquet of multi colored daises are decaled on the top of this in like new condition, sewing basket.

A full sized bouquet of multi colored daises are on the top. A small bouquet is matching on the inside bottom. This is a very pretty and useful little sewing box.

The daisy motif on the top decal has dried but entirely in tact, none of it is peeled or chipped away. But the top does have a small white discoloration on the top edge about 1 in long from factory. You can barely see it in the pic. It is as if it was touched when the paint was still wet...seen in pics.

The pink chord handle is like new too. No other marks, chips, broken weaves, and the bottom is very clean with no markings! one side of edge on the lids rim has very smal worn off paint...probably from where the lid slides to the side to open.

Inside is a row of 9 spool dowels on a tray. No other pieces or attachments.
Maker is Princess Crystal Lake Illinois Reg US Pat Office2536590 Pat Pend. It measures 11 x 6.

Useful for a sewing basket, hat box, a goody box or as a lovely vintage display for your sewing room!


Camille said...

I would love to have one of these. I had one as a child and have no idea what happened to it. I think I am now going to be hunting for one. Thanks for sharing.

MyAtticsCharms said...

Hi Camille!
Thanks for touching base...
Yes it was adorable. I knew of another lady at my shop that had one...I will check to see if she still has it.
I will keep your post and let you know if I see another one.
Yes it is an adorable basket.
Good day,
My Atti'c Charms