Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mayor Munchkin, Tommy and Barbie is singing Solo!

1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial open link
enjoy this vintage Barbie commercial ...Classic!


In honor of one of her first years, Barbie's Special Edition 1960 Repro Doll : “Solo in the Spotlight” is available here. open link
This doll has never been removed from the box. Box has some minor wear from storage. This repro is dated 1994.
Barbie is blonde & wearing a lovely long black gown with black gloves. She also has a microphone and stand and a flowing pink scarf…and of course, long gloves and earrings and necklace…she is beautiful!

Tommy Doll as "Mayor Munchkin" from the Wizard of OZ open link
Tommy is Kelly’s friend, and Kelly is Barbie’s friend! You can collect them all! The Mayor Munchkin is adorable with big Hazel eyes and a timepiece at his side. And because he is in character, he has a curly moustache drawn on his upper lip. (part of the costume he wears). 4” tall and wearing an official suit of emerald green. After all his honor is the Mayor of the "Emerald City"
New in the Box…sealed! The box shows slight wear but the corners are good and all is clean and legible…like new.
Tommy is 4 “ tall, and the box is 4x 3.5x 1.75. Dated 1999.
A great find for the Wizard of OZ collector as well. I also have Tommy as “Lollipop Munchkin” in another post. Just enter Lollipop Munchkin in my search option above. They are both adorable!

The Lollipop Munchkin is adorable with big blue eyes and a huge lollipop at his side. 4” tall and wearing a cloth Munchkin outfit. New in the Box…sealed! The box shows slight wear but the corners are good and all is clean and legible…like new.
Tommy is 4 “ tall, and the box is 4x 3.5x 1.75. Dated 1999.
Hope you had a great Holiday! Thank you to all of you who purchased and commented on my store feedback!...
Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Coddle Eggs!

In the interest of my recently posted Blue Willow cica 1912 Egg Coddler below I thought I would add this video of how to use it. The lady is actually using a Royal Worcester. The pattern is the typical floral type. The "Blue Willow" is what makes mine very unique and rarer...I haven't seen any on line or elsewhere, except at And then you have the Advert that goes along with it... quite a bargain!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coca Cola Ad Advertisement 1956 Framed open link
“Even the Bubbles Taste Better!
A very happy young boy is about to down the icy cold Coca Cola bottle. While visions of bubbles float around his head. Simple and to the point: youth, happiness, refreshment!
This 9 X 6 ad, which appeared in National Geographic Magazine, April 1956, is framed in glass and trimmed with a copper frame. It is in excellent condition. No chips or cracks, dents or otherwise damaged.
The back is covered with white firm paper It has a plastic hanger to place on the wall and a typed sticker that reads: “ This is not a reproduction. It is an original printing of its era and can only increase in value with time. Hand crafted by : Doug & Bridget Hansen Medford Or 97504. 1956”.

On the subject of Coca Cola....Here is s very rare 1937 Coca Cola Commercial You Tube:
Very old and rare american Coca Cola commercial 1937

Vintage Glass Jar Food Chopper Metal Lid / Wood Ball open link
Perfect condition!…a bright sunny yellow with classic fruits and vegetable icons are encircling the spring action wood ball plunger You simply unscrew the metal lid and place the food in the jar (a wooden disk sits on the bottom), and the 4 way metal blade chops it all up as you plunge away! Everything is totally washable.
It is also a 2 cup measuring cup! So you don’t even have to measure the ingredients or chop until you have the desired amount.
The ball is a teal blue. No chips or cracks anywhere and the painted has very minimal scuffs…just around the rim very small blemishes. Basically none the entire piece is in near perfect condition. It is 11.5 “ diameter and 5.5 tall not counting the plunger. It weighs 15 oz.
For chopping veggies, fruits, eggs, celery, parsley, nuts, onions, carrots, and many other items…or simply to add to you vintage kitchen ware collection, it is cute and colorful to just look at.

open link
Sweet and vintage stylish and in perfect condition! Clean with very distinct glass seaming, the clear distinction of Depression Era Glass.
A cut glass star burst Is on the bottom. 2 yellow pinstripes border the 1/2 “ frosted bar around the diameter. Stands 3.5 “ tall and together weigh 1 lb & 3 oz. From

Depression Glass: Machine-pressed, tinted glassware mass-produced during the 1920s and 1930s.
Depression Glass Back in the Day Depression glass was popular and affordable when it was new. The dime store, where the thrifty homemaker could find everything from toiletries to household goods, was a common source for this inexpensive purchase. At a time when a loaf of bread cost about a nickel, frugal shoppers could also buy a piece of Depression glass for around the same price. In fact, there’s a fantastic photograph included in The Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass by Gene Florence showing a Woolworth’s window display advertising an Old Colony pattern sherbet dish and plate "complete" for 10 cents.
Depression glass also made its way into American homes through the issuance of premiums. Sellers or manufacturers would offer a free gift with the purchase of a certain dollar amount of goods or a specific product, and penny-pinching ladies took full advantage of these offerings.
Glass was plucked from an oatmeal box one week, from a detergent box the next. Sometimes gas stations would throw in a punch bowl and cups with an oil change. Movie theaters got in on the action offering a piece of glass with a ticket to a Saturday matinee.

Thats about it for now...Enjoy your wintery days! Happy New Year everyone!