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10 Tips To Care For Your Antique Glassware

10 Tips To Care For Your Antique Glassware
By: Martin Swinton Published: August 22, 2007

Antique glassware needs a gentle hand. This month we'll give you some useful tips to help you care for your antique or modern glassware.

On Right :Depression Era Glass Creamer and Sugar Set Yellow Pinstripe

1. Avoid putting glassware into direct sunlight or near any other heat sources such as radiators.

2. Avoid slippage by using two hands when carrying delicate items. Remove lids and stoppers to be safe.

3. Avoid stains in vases by changing the water every two days and removing any flowers or leaves before they dry onto the vase. Keep in mind that any liquid will stain glassware if it remains over a period of time.

4. Avoid temperature extremes. Very cold or very hot water is too taxing on antique glassware. Sudden temperature changes can stress the glass.

5. Avoid the dishwasher; it is too harsh on fragile glassware. Fill a plastic bowl with warm soapy water in the sink to wash glassware. The plastic bowl protects the glassware from the hard stainless sink.

6. Wash items one at a time to avoid any in-water collisions. 7. Use a soft bristled brush made of nylon or plastic to wash glassware.

8. Line the drying area with towels in case of any tumbles. 9. Gently dry glassware with lint-free cloths.

10. During storage, remove decanter stoppers and lids. If there is any dampness, the lid will trap it in and cause cloudiness.

Martin Swinton owns Take-A-Boo Emporium, an antique shop located in Toronto, Canada. He does furniture restoration, caning and rushing repairs, custom reproductions, upholstery, teaches courses on antiques and does appraisals for estates and community events. He can be reached at 416-785-4555

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For all you vacationers out there...Happy Trails!

Sweet! Remember?
Vintage Travel Trailer Slide Show
Johnny Cash - "One Piece at a Time "

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The Advantages of Wearing Costume Jewelry

by Sandeep Singh
Costume jewelry has been popular for centuries, and is still one of the most common types of accessories on the market today. The simple fact is that these pieces are made of high quality materials, and can last for several years even with daily use. Inexpensive pieces are also an extremely cost efficient way to spice up some of the classic pieces in your wardrobe.

Adding Flair to Your Wardrobe

Like many people, you may be looking for a way to add some flair to your work wardrobe without spending tons of money on pieces that work with the clothing you already own. Costume jewelry is an excellent option for spicing up even the dullest outfits that fill your closet. You can choose to add pins and brooches that are filled with color and style to pants suits and dresses, or add a simple pair of bangle earrings to more casual attire.
Amber & Crystal Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Pin & 1 matching earring

Necklaces are also an excellent way to wear inexpensive accessories to spice up your wardrobe. Simple necklaces with larger charms are a nice way to add some style to your outfit when you only want to wear one piece, or you can wear a matching set of earrings with a much smaller necklace. Accessories are a simple, inexpensive way to express your creative side when you must wear conservative clothing.

Benefits of Inexpensive Accessories

The main benefit of costume jewelry is that it is relatively inexpensive, so you can purchase something for each part of your wardrobe. Inexpensive pieces are also well made, and advances in manufacturing and production have made them even higher quality than ever before. High quality metals such as stainless steel and sterling silver are both commonly used in accessories, and are both easy to care for metals that are designed to last for many years to come.

Costume jewelry can also be worn even if it is found in second hand shops or in an online auction. Vintage pieces are one of the easiest ways to give any of your suits a classical look without spending a fortune on jewelry


Today's costume jewelry is boldly colored, and is commonly found in chunky styles that can easily be worn alone or with other pieces to make a wonderfully bright and colorful addition to your wardrobe. It is easy to add simply one piece to a drab outfit to brighten it up, especially when you choose a fresh piece that is eye catching.

If you prefer more simple styles, then you will love wearing a small crystal necklace or bracelet. Floating styles are popular, and are easily worn with a wide variety of clothing styles. You can even wear a bold vintage piece to formal occasions, and receive compliments with grace.

Using costume jewelry as a way to express your creative side is a great way to also accessorize all of your many different clothing styles, so be creative and choose the pieces that you love.

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Roy Roger and Dale Evans "Happy Trails"

Just a little flash back for you....