Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hand Painted Roses & Lemons, Kodak & America's Centennial!

Lemon Slice Plate -Hand Painted Roses with Gold
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This beautiful Lemon Slice Serving Plate is in pristine condition. Not a chip, crack or crazing at all. The Gold trim on the rim and the handle is rich with shine and luster. The hand painted pretty pink roses and buds are on the stem and lay across a pale teal background. This is a porcelain plate. The finish of the glaze on the top of the plate is a matte rather than a high gloss and lends itself to the soft and lovely design. No marks are on the plate to identify its manufacture, but it has a very vintage appeal
It measures 6.5” and weighs about 9 oz. The dark mark on the bottom of the plate is merely a bit of gold that was incidentally made in the manufacturer.
I think this would also be
lovely as a wall hanging tied with a pretty ribbon as the hanger.

Timing Clock - Kodak, 'Eastman Timer', circa 1920s
This vintage timer is ticking away beside me here as I type! It works! Yet it is stamped on the back of the somewhat corroded metal, PATENTED/APRIL 27 1920/NOV.29 1921/MADE IN U.S.A.
The mechanisms are tight to wind, and I am not sure how accurate it is going to be…but regardless it is a valuable piece of Kodak history which began in the 20’s! It would be a treasure addition to your camera collection!
It is a circular, what appears to be, nickel plated brass timer clock, 5-60 min. Analogue. Cylindrical shape, with white face and black numbers and markings. A brass ring is attached to the top knob. It is stabilized by two stylish leg supports. There are three mechanisms for winding and adjusting on the back and a start and stop slider on the left top.
The text on the dial reads: EASTMAN/TIMER/EASTMAN KODAK CO./ROCHESTER N.Y./MADE IN U.S.A. Covered with a perfectly intact glass face.
It is 4” in diameter and 2.5” wide
The metal has a dull shine to it still but has some pitting here and there. The back[panel shows signs of heavier corrosion. Also a small
crack in the metal at one of the legs. But all feels very sturdy and will last another 100 years!

200th USA Anniversary Year Commemorative Plate 1776-1976
This richly detailed commemorative Plate honors our countries Bicentennial. Classic Eagle and the US colors decorate the plates center with a banner that floats across the design “ E Pluribus Unum” 1776-1976 is positioned beneath the emblem. 200th Anniversary is scrolled across the top of it. Around the border are the months of the year 1976 and all is gold trimmed on the edge.
It is in perfect mint condition. No cracks crazing or chips. It is 9.5” in diameter and weighs about a pound. The back is a warning not to be used for serving foods and the date 1975 Spencer Gifts, Inc. Made in Japan. This plate will hang proudly on your wall or simply add to your American / history / memorabilia collection.

Stay tuned for a new line of vintage clothing here at My Attic's Charms. I will posting them in the near future!
Think Spring!