Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Song Of Spain" Gene Glamour Doll... A special Gift!

Gene Glamour Doll “Song Of Spain” NIB Cert of Auth. 1999 Annual Ltd Edition
open link!
Wow! Stunningly beautiful Gene wants you to “Share the Dream”! Still in her original box. She has never been removed. She is in absolutely new condition She comes with a “Gene” monogrammed stand.
Gene is brought to you by the Ashton-Drake Galleries, known around the world for presenting superior quality collectible dolls for today’s enthusiasts to treasure. Gene rivals the finest collectible dolls the world has ever knownFeatures:15.5” of poseable, collector-quality vinyl with a finish that mimics fine porcelain. Hand-painted features, hand applied lashes, period coiffures rooted and styled by hand. Wardrobe crafted of quality fabrics like those worn by real Hollywood stars of the era. Impeccable tailoring details—hand sewn fastenings, fully lined dresses, seamed hose. All are hand numbered, with a Certificate of Authenticity and glamorous story. This “Song Of Spain” Edition #6901, is a magnificent fantasy of a matador costume in black and gold brocade, fully lined with gold satin. Circa 1943. The daring halter top features ornate golden beads that dangle enticingly over Gene’s bare midriff. Golden beads accent both the figure-hugging toreador pants and Bolero jacket at the pants slits and shoulder caps. The dashing circle cape is of gold brocade lined with scarlet satin. It is ingeniously doubles as a full length skirt! This is still in original unopened wrap. Includes a matador’s hat with a long stemmed red rose, shoes, and golden hoop earrings. Gene’s glossy, spice dark hair is neatly rolled up into a snood of

gold net. (The white ribbon around her waist is merely to tie her into the box, never undone). Designed by renowned fashion artist Tim Kennedy.
Gene’s box comes with a tri-fold brochure that shares the story of “Song Of Spain” and “the man behind the legend”… Mel Odom. Also “The story of Gene", which is truly fascinating!

I do also have other NIB fashion gowns and accessories…including NIB her 2 little Scotty dogs and 2 hard bound books of the full story of Gene. You can write or call me if you want to see the entire collection! I will try to get them all posted very quickly!

The white, from the factory box, is in pristine condition also. Gene would make an excellent gift for that budding teenager or your budding collection!
Her blue eyes are intoxicating!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

English Floral Samples in a Nativity Set and a Skotch Jug!

Set: 4 English Floral Samplers Framed in Embossed Brass Sheeting FREE SHIPPING!

This lovely quad of flower samples under glass and framed in delicate shimmering stenciled brass sheet are stunningly sweet. While the illustrations of the roses are not original the detail on them is beautiful. I believe they are all roses, but not positive. The images are in very good condition, except that one (the yellow classic rose) has a very light discoloration at the side of the rose. The circular glass covers of the images are in very good condition with no chips or cracks or scratches.The metal frames are very thin and flexible. You can literally bend them. They are stamp cut in the border with butterflies and the metal carries through as the back of the frame as well, which all are in excellent condition. Each one is embossed “Made In England” and has a pull away eye in the metal to place your hook in. They are very light weight individually, but together they weigh about a pound. They measure 6” around. Very pretty! These would look beautiful on your vintage wall collection.

The Skotch Jug : Vintage Hot or cold Beverage Travel Half Gallon Bottle open link ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!
This beautiful Hamilton Skotch Corporation Jug is in perfect vintage condition. With its bright Red, Yellow and Black Tartan plaid metal outer canister and its bright red plastic drinking cup/cap, it is a striking piece just to look at. But it is functionally perfect as well…perhaps a precursor to the famous Thermos brands of today. Underneath its red cup is a twist off pouring spout with a flip top. Estimated age circa mid 1950's - 1960's. Hamilton stopped production of these in 1970 (per web info)This is an ORIGINAL, these were often offered as premiums for example when purchased with NESCAFE instant coffee you could buy it for 75 CENT DISCOUNT PRICE instead of the 2.49 regular retail price.The inside Glass, made by Alexander H, Kerr Glass Jar and Bottle Co., (Kerr logo is visible on the bottom of the glass), is in perfect condition! No chips or cracks anywhere. It is water tight. Another indication of its vintage age is that the insulation used is a cotton batting and not the common insulations we see today. As stated its condition is almost immaculate the only wear I see is what can be seen in the photos, some minor chipping of the enamel on the carmel colored top around the edges only. Absolutley no carks or chips anywhere else on the jug! Even on the bottom! You can see in one of the pics that the enamel sheen is still very glossy on the bottom and the entire jug. There are no dents or other color discolorations on the plaid or anywhere else at all. The metal handle which shows no sign of paint on it may have at one time been painted or chromed, as it is a flat dark grey metal now.
You can see the Skotch Jug emblem on the upper side, which reads: “The Skotch Jug, The Hamilton Skotch Corporation, Hamilton, Oh., Half Gallon”. It measures 19.5” in diameter and 7” to the jar opening and 3” to the top of the red cup.
What a beauty! I want to see this on “Mad Men”!
This Stunning and detailed vintage Art Plastic brand 12 Piece Nativity set is circa 50’s. It was purchased at an estate sale and I was told it has been in the family for many Christmas Holidays. Each piece is molded crafted with skill and artistic quality. Each richly colorful piece, set on the base plastic color of a cream beige is also accented with gold paint, as in the angels wings, Mary & Joseph’s robes, the Wise Men’s gifts and the baby Jesus’s Halo. The Sweet kneeling animals are lightly dusted
with color and kneeling on green “grass” or hay. They appear to be hand painted. Each figure has little black dots for the eyes, and the expression on each figure is somber and in reverence. The figures are hollow and each have the “AP” for Art Plastic, mark on the inside. The fact that this is a vintage Art Plastics nativity scene makes it very collectable. The maximum height of the largest piece is 4” and the animals are 2 & 3” in length. All the paint is in tact, there are no broken corners or breaks. They feel like they are quality and will last for generations to come! Oh …and the little angel carries a banner that reads “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”. This set is absolutely beautiful.
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Trick or Treat! Here's a vintage Holloween Greeting Card Video! open link. Very cute cards!
(Hit the pause button on the right Playlist to pause the 50's music)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Millie Mac's 1st Annual Holiday/Christmas Catalog ALL 25% OFF BARGAINS! SALE!

Ho Ho Ho everyone!
It is October and Holloween has not even left its trail of smashed pumpkins in the street yet, but hey guess what?.... the Holidays are just around the corner!
I hear all the time, "oh no not that!" and grunts and groans, but I love this time of year from the falling leaves to the twinkling lights to the fresh new feeling after New Years!
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Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
Millie Mac
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Great vintage Knitting! Stangl Pottery and a peek at "Parents Magazine" 1961

Columbia – Minerva Hand Knits for Men Pattern Book Vintage 50’sOPEN LINK!

I think this full color collection of wonderful Men’s Sweaters and other hand knits was previously owned by someone who didn’t knit much, as the copy is in very good condition! Each colorful page of handsome men is clean and easy to read. Some minor fraying to the corners and slightly on the edge is all I see with the exception of 4 pages that have pulled (maybe intentionally) away from the stapled binding, but all in very nice condition. If you are wanting to create a retro sweater for him for the holidays, this would be the book to get! 56 9 x 12” pages and a back page that has Gauge, Abbreviatios, Washing & Drying Instructions, and some stitch instructions. This is a collection of “bright new looks for men” and a “complete collection of Classics”!Fashion: Martha Ann HoffmanPhotography: Myron Mill – Conant Studios

Stangl Pottery Grecian-Style Ashtray or
Candy Dish-Antique Gold open link!
No you are not looking at a flying saucer! This “Atomic Age” 50’s era pale turquoise with brushed gold antique ashtray or candy dish is a beautiful piece, with only 1 small chip on the underside of the rim (seen in the picture). The top is in mint condition! It has a wonderful matte finish that glows somehow. The feel of it is very smooth and tactile.The gold brush work shows off the embossed design in the ceramic. The inner ring visible in the photo has what appears to be cigarette braces, and I was convinced at first glance that this was an ashtray. But then after studying it further I realized it could very well be a serving dish for candy or nuts or mints, etc. In fact since the center well is shallow it would make a wonderful floating dish for short stemmed flowers such as Gardenias or Camilla’s! The bottom mark is the Stangl Logo Trenton NJ, 3972, Pat No 3,060,610. One of the bottom green felt circles has fallen off, which is easily replaceable. It measures 10” in diameter.

Parents’ Magazine September 1961 open link!

Very good condition! Just minor wear. Some color photos other on vintage standard newsprint. While some corners are bent or dog eared a bit, all pages are intact & in firm binding and no markings. Articles include: The American Revolution in Teaching Beginners; Do Interfaith Marriages Work?; First Twelve Months…Life’s Fastest Growing Year; The Trouble With Early Dating; All Children are Born Talented.The ads are wonderfully representative of the time!

Holloween and Trickery! Have a fun one!

Stay tuned for my Christmas/Holiday Catalog post!