Wednesday, October 14, 2009

English Floral Samples in a Nativity Set and a Skotch Jug!

Set: 4 English Floral Samplers Framed in Embossed Brass Sheeting FREE SHIPPING!

This lovely quad of flower samples under glass and framed in delicate shimmering stenciled brass sheet are stunningly sweet. While the illustrations of the roses are not original the detail on them is beautiful. I believe they are all roses, but not positive. The images are in very good condition, except that one (the yellow classic rose) has a very light discoloration at the side of the rose. The circular glass covers of the images are in very good condition with no chips or cracks or scratches.The metal frames are very thin and flexible. You can literally bend them. They are stamp cut in the border with butterflies and the metal carries through as the back of the frame as well, which all are in excellent condition. Each one is embossed “Made In England” and has a pull away eye in the metal to place your hook in. They are very light weight individually, but together they weigh about a pound. They measure 6” around. Very pretty! These would look beautiful on your vintage wall collection.

The Skotch Jug : Vintage Hot or cold Beverage Travel Half Gallon Bottle open link ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!
This beautiful Hamilton Skotch Corporation Jug is in perfect vintage condition. With its bright Red, Yellow and Black Tartan plaid metal outer canister and its bright red plastic drinking cup/cap, it is a striking piece just to look at. But it is functionally perfect as well…perhaps a precursor to the famous Thermos brands of today. Underneath its red cup is a twist off pouring spout with a flip top. Estimated age circa mid 1950's - 1960's. Hamilton stopped production of these in 1970 (per web info)This is an ORIGINAL, these were often offered as premiums for example when purchased with NESCAFE instant coffee you could buy it for 75 CENT DISCOUNT PRICE instead of the 2.49 regular retail price.The inside Glass, made by Alexander H, Kerr Glass Jar and Bottle Co., (Kerr logo is visible on the bottom of the glass), is in perfect condition! No chips or cracks anywhere. It is water tight. Another indication of its vintage age is that the insulation used is a cotton batting and not the common insulations we see today. As stated its condition is almost immaculate the only wear I see is what can be seen in the photos, some minor chipping of the enamel on the carmel colored top around the edges only. Absolutley no carks or chips anywhere else on the jug! Even on the bottom! You can see in one of the pics that the enamel sheen is still very glossy on the bottom and the entire jug. There are no dents or other color discolorations on the plaid or anywhere else at all. The metal handle which shows no sign of paint on it may have at one time been painted or chromed, as it is a flat dark grey metal now.
You can see the Skotch Jug emblem on the upper side, which reads: “The Skotch Jug, The Hamilton Skotch Corporation, Hamilton, Oh., Half Gallon”. It measures 19.5” in diameter and 7” to the jar opening and 3” to the top of the red cup.
What a beauty! I want to see this on “Mad Men”!
This Stunning and detailed vintage Art Plastic brand 12 Piece Nativity set is circa 50’s. It was purchased at an estate sale and I was told it has been in the family for many Christmas Holidays. Each piece is molded crafted with skill and artistic quality. Each richly colorful piece, set on the base plastic color of a cream beige is also accented with gold paint, as in the angels wings, Mary & Joseph’s robes, the Wise Men’s gifts and the baby Jesus’s Halo. The Sweet kneeling animals are lightly dusted
with color and kneeling on green “grass” or hay. They appear to be hand painted. Each figure has little black dots for the eyes, and the expression on each figure is somber and in reverence. The figures are hollow and each have the “AP” for Art Plastic, mark on the inside. The fact that this is a vintage Art Plastics nativity scene makes it very collectable. The maximum height of the largest piece is 4” and the animals are 2 & 3” in length. All the paint is in tact, there are no broken corners or breaks. They feel like they are quality and will last for generations to come! Oh …and the little angel carries a banner that reads “Gloria In Excelsis Deo”. This set is absolutely beautiful.
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