Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Atomic Age Orange Ashtray and more!

Well finally have a few things more to share with you.
I know you have been dying to hear the latest listings of My Attic's Charms!
But first, a thank you to you who are reading...I welcome your comments...and input and
It's true, I have listed the Stanford Sebring O. (open link) Burnt Orange Kidney Shaped "atomic age" Ash Tray,
that I mentioned previously. Check out my other tobacciana while you are at it here: TOBACCIANNA at My Attic's Charms I don't smoke and never have...(oops I take that back, not since High School...and that was looong time ago!)...but I sure love the look of these space ship, outrageously retro, So called "ashtrays". I mean the mere size of them tells you how popular smoking was and how accepted and beautified the trend if rooms of people were gathered around a coffee/smoking table and this one edifice just sat there waiting for the next tap of a butt in these things...until they were filled with the fluffy black burnt offerings!
Sooo, for that reason, now that smoking is in a downward spiral, I and others take it upon ourselves to rescue these slaved challices to addictions. Now cast aside, buried in basements, used as plant trays....or the most horrifying... tossed in trash cans, we must save them, so that we and future generations can see the creativity, imagination, the logo marketing, the love, the devotion, the logo marketing, the colors, the speckles, and the logo marketing that was put into these works of well as the magnificently statuesque and ever ready cigarette table lighters, cigar & pipe caddies, and match covers from every hotel and restaurant in the world! Save them, save them all!


I have also posted a lovely butter Creamy Yellow California Vegetable Bowl OPEN LINK!...very nice simple and almost flawless

Now this next California USA Tri Well Serving dish open link! is just silly...It is so cute and pretty! The picture speaks for itself!
Wouldn't it be pretty with Gardenias floating in

Last but not least a very nice and in pristine condition Hull Oval "Oven Proof" Plate OPEN LINK!. I am suspecting that this was the base drip plate to a gravy boat, if not it should be.....

In closing, I also realized I cannot buy anymore items to sell! My storage bin is sooo full that I cannot get another item into it so I will be working hard to get what I do have....some really exciting goodies...(ever hear of a Gene Doll?), posted. Once I post each item in my online store, they sit in my shop at Briarwood Cottage and that is even getting filled once that is filled...guess it will be SALE time! so stay tuned!
PS: I found a model for the Bob Mackie Gown!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

oh yeah...The Human Calendar!

/sorry about the double post...but please actually click on my blog link and see the the Human Calendar to theright! It actually changes each day with another human! I love it I have the code if you want it too! This was sent to me from a wonderfully creative woman I met via Twitter: Check out her wonderful country style dolls here:
Susan Chouinard, Cloth Doll Hair Supplies. clarify.... she didn't create the calendar she sent me the code...a guy named Greg something created it which is an interesting story too if you right click on the calendar you can learn more.

Married Metal, Califrnia USA Pott, and the Human Calendar!

Today is another day. Brilliant!

Very pleased about the prospects for the day...after all it is Saturday and Yard Sales are everywhere! Spring is here, and the bees are humming and the flowers are blooming profusely and the Yard sales are too! a hunting we will go!

Yesterday I posted 2 new/old of them most people may not get...but I used to see these when I was a little girl or on another planet or somewhere...remember this old Mexican technique?

Well I do and have posted this in the store My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK!

Married Metal Large Tray OPEN LINK! It is quite large. I have smaller hand tray as well. I did some research and I have surmised that this is called : "married metal", "gray silver" and or "pot metal". It is very cheap and tarnished...a tin angel, if you will!

Also a beautiful serving dish by California USA #42.

It is priced low because it has 2 small chips...but there is still lots of life left in this gleaming buffet serving dish, candy dish, taco caddy or a new addition to your California USA collection!

Mom is having a hard time after the ICU. Didn't have a good day yesterday. "Each day I will get better" she says, all the same...this is her tenacious positive spirit. I asked, are you in pain? she said very seriously and without humor, "well only when I breathe". Prayers.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grateful at days end....

...Grateful that Mom has survived her open heart surgery...the same day my neice gives birth to a baby the same hospital.

Grateful that Randy is happy, that Gracie feels secure and that I am following my dream...a dream that was buried...

...dreaming about the new items I will be posting tomorrow, like a ridiculously orange kidney shaped ashtray from the 50's in mint condition and a vintage "Chrissy Tray" "made in occupied Japan".

Sold my lovely parasol was a shop sale from Briarwood:

Tomorrow will be glorious!

Thank you God!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Update!

Ok... I have been really busy with school...Done...working...Done (laid off) and looking for work...doing notary it....but...while looking I was able to have the time to give more energy to MAC (My Attic's Charms). I have been posting the items I had been neglecting last year. My beautiful treasures...just sitting in my big storage box. Also I have been going to estate sales and yard sales and sales of things on sale's....and now I have even more great vintage things to post....
About 2 months ago I got a call from a shop owner (Briarwood Antiques and Collectibles) here in San Jose, she proceeds to tell me she had a space open for me tor rent! How cool is that?...I stuff didn't need to be sitting in a storage box where no one even saw them, while they waited patiently to be posted on my on line store and then put back in the box...they could now be liberated and sit on a well lit glass shelf where people could actually see them, touch them, and if the saints allowed, purchase them!
So that is just what has transpired! I now have a "brick and mortar" as well as my still fabulous on line store at My Attic's Charms
Oh yeah... I did change the location of the online store to because they had some nice features that the other e-store didn't.
So this is just a quick note that hopefully I will be posting here again more often...Also I am trying to join every twittery, facebooky & directory thing I get my name out there more....but I am discovering this is fun and already making new and great creative friends. So look for me at Twitter and Facebook under My Attic's Charms.
So more later and I still have the Bob Mackie gown that I need a size 4 model!