Saturday, April 25, 2009

Married Metal, Califrnia USA Pott, and the Human Calendar!

Today is another day. Brilliant!

Very pleased about the prospects for the day...after all it is Saturday and Yard Sales are everywhere! Spring is here, and the bees are humming and the flowers are blooming profusely and the Yard sales are too! a hunting we will go!

Yesterday I posted 2 new/old of them most people may not get...but I used to see these when I was a little girl or on another planet or somewhere...remember this old Mexican technique?

Well I do and have posted this in the store My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK!

Married Metal Large Tray OPEN LINK! It is quite large. I have smaller hand tray as well. I did some research and I have surmised that this is called : "married metal", "gray silver" and or "pot metal". It is very cheap and tarnished...a tin angel, if you will!

Also a beautiful serving dish by California USA #42.

It is priced low because it has 2 small chips...but there is still lots of life left in this gleaming buffet serving dish, candy dish, taco caddy or a new addition to your California USA collection!

Mom is having a hard time after the ICU. Didn't have a good day yesterday. "Each day I will get better" she says, all the same...this is her tenacious positive spirit. I asked, are you in pain? she said very seriously and without humor, "well only when I breathe". Prayers.

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