Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Update!

Ok... I have been really busy with school...Done...working...Done (laid off) and looking for work...doing notary signings....love it....but...while looking I was able to have the time to give more energy to MAC (My Attic's Charms). I have been posting the items I had been neglecting last year. My beautiful treasures...just sitting in my big storage box. Also I have been going to estate sales and yard sales and sales of things on sale's....and now I have even more great vintage things to post....
About 2 months ago I got a call from a shop owner (Briarwood Antiques and Collectibles) here in San Jose, she proceeds to tell me she had a space open for me tor rent! How cool is that?...I thought...hmmm....my stuff didn't need to be sitting in a storage box where no one even saw them, while they waited patiently to be posted on my on line store and then put back in the box...they could now be liberated and sit on a well lit glass shelf where people could actually see them, touch them, and if the saints allowed, purchase them!
So that is just what has transpired! I now have a "brick and mortar" as well as my still fabulous on line store at My Attic's Charms
Oh yeah... I did change the location of the online store to ecrater.com...just because they had some nice features that the other e-store didn't.
So this is just a quick note that hopefully I will be posting here again more often...Also I am trying to join every twittery, facebooky & directory thing I can...to get my name out there more....but I am discovering this is fun and already making new and great creative friends. So look for me at Twitter and Facebook under My Attic's Charms.
So more later and I still have the Bob Mackie gown that I need a size 4 model!

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