Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fabulous Barbie 50th Anniversary Fashion Show You Tube! Royal Albert, and Midnight Rose!

Royal Albert “Flower of the Month Series” ~December~ 1970 Teacup & Saucer open link

This is an absolutely pristine work of art. Even the gold rim is as if it has never been used. The cup is a “squatty”, with an elegant handle also trimmed in hand painted gold.The Christmas Rose is all around the cup and saucer, but also on the inside of the cup. The snow white background offsets the green in the berry color strikingly! Even the mark on the bottom of the cup and saucer have a posy of Christmas Rose and the words “Royal Albert Bone China. Made in England. Flower of the Month series. ‘Christmas Rose’. 1970 Royal Albert LTD”.Whether you are needing this set to complete your collection of the Flower of the Month teacups or just starting out, you will not be disappointed in this vintage set!

Midnight Rose Parfumerie Doiret Face Powder open link

This sweet cardboard box of Midnight Rose Parfumerie Doiret Face Powder has a subtle scent… lovely, light and powdery. The lid is blue dapple matted cardboard with a silver embossed graphic of a single rose As you can see when opened, the box is sealed with a slight bit of fray of the paper. Some of the powder is just barely beginning to start to come out, but it is sealed, nonetheless. The fragrance has held well because of this.The label on the bottom reads, “Flesh $2.00 Parfumerie Doiret Powder New York City”. This was probably a high price in the 50’s, which is what I guess the age to be. I tried to research to find out more about the brand, but I found nothing at all. Is this a rare find? The lid slides off and on easily. There are some blemishes on the box: the corners are a bit frayed, wear showing in other places and there is some sort of discoloration to the silvery base in one corner. But the box is sturdy and attractive. It measures 3 x 3 x 1.5". A very nice addition to your 50’s style vanity and or beauty collection!

Barbie Doll: Autumn in Paris 1998 Fall Collector Edition City Season NIB open link

This is a “City Series” Edition. The Pictures say it all! The box is in mint condition as well. She is beautiful, classy and timeless! If you have any questions please call me or email me! The box measures 14” X 8”.Take our world traveler home!
Barbies First TV Commercial! Open the Link...
and then 50 years later...Well worth watching all of these 3 parts!...Wow!
& Follow Barbies Heartbeat here in Part 3 The future of Barbie??? Very touching ending watching the little girls with the models!

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Toodles! Millie Mac

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Limoges, Fragonard, BF Goodrich, & Progressus

The exquisitely dainty hand painting on these 2 plate SET depict 2 lovers…the same couple in 2 different scenes. In one scene he serenades her as she reaches out to him acceptingly with a posy of love. The 2nd scene they are dancing to their own music! Underneath each scene is the signature of “Fragonard” and the name “PARIS”. This text and the rim is hand painted in gold.
Both plates a gold stand (probably a brass) that have a fold out foot for standing and a little eye hole for hanging if you would rather. On the back in gold, it reads “Limoges, France”
These mini-beauties, much smaller than others I have seen (2”), are in mint condition and absolutely precious!
BF Goodrich 9” Ice Cap ~ English Style In Box ~Open the link!
I purchased this at an estate sale and it struck me as very memorable. I have seen these in the old black and white movies.It is the bag full of ice that you rest on your head for a headache. Or to keep swelling down for other injuries. I suppose Warm water can be filled and used as a compress as well. It is very clean and in perfect condition. BF Goodrich manufactured these, I believe, because it has a rubber lining. The cloth outside is a small classy black and white check. Again, very clean. The metal screw on cap has no dents and is still shiny with some minor angel hair lines on it. There is a rubber gasket that fits to seal and is still very rubbery and not dried. It is a good seal. The inside cap states Pat 1927. So I am dating this to be from around that era. model #53-4570It measures 9” L and 3” diameter (cap). The dark green and cream colored box pretty much has the same measurements. It is showing some wear around the edges and corners, but the box is very solid.
When you hold this in your hand you can really feel the quality. The smooth action of the blade, and gear and the solid feel of the cast aluminum. Shiny interior of the ball, with some angel hair lines from use on the outside of the ball. Stamped, Progressus Italy” on the stem and a black Bakelite handle with a red trim. It measures 8.5” and 2.75” for the ball. A perfect scoop every time!
Here is a little clip of 3 vintage ice cream scoops I found on You Tube! They are really much older than this one, and look really neat!
Well I will be back to you soon...stay tuned for my new posts Vintage Midnight Rose Face Powder, A Collector Barbie in the box, And a Royal Albert tea cup and saucer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Three bottles and a Caddy, Avon.,oh and ...Turn up your volume!!

Avon Foxfire 5 Guest Soaps in Original Gift Box Open Link!
These sweet smelling 5 little bars of Foxfire fragrance are like new. Never used. They have the Foxfire and Avon marks embossed on them and they are protected with a cello/gauze cover/ The pretty tiger lily flip top box is in good condition one small crease along the side, but other than that it is not worn. There is some outline where the original seal was. This set measures 1.5x1.75x.75. The soaps are each 2.25 x 1.25.I would suggest purchasing as a collector and not as a gift for someone, unless of course they are a collector as well. This would be a very nice addition to your Avon or vanity collections.
I love the adorable and loving expressions on the faces of all 3 of bottles poised on the front of this Caddy! Daddy and Mommy glancing at each other…3 bottles in a caddy. Traditional pinks and blues are used so as to be presented to either gender. The back opening is about 2’ by 4.5”, but the characters are hollow so much more room is there to store or use for whatever purpose Mom and Dad needs! The unit dimensions are 6 x 4.5 x 6".Sought after, the Relpo Samson Import Co. label is in demand. There is only 1 teeny little chip of glaze in the top of Dads bottle top, the rest is in like new perfect condition.The markings state on the ceramic “Samson Import Co 1964”. The little paper sticker still attached says “Relpo Chicago Il. Made in Japan”.Too cute!

This sweet cardboard box of Coquet Face Powder smells lovely, light and powdery. The lid is gold embossed with the image of Scroll type design with a ladies fan just under the “Coquet” logo, all set on a pearlescent eggshell colored wrap over the cardboard. This too is embossed with flowers and other subtle graphics . As you can see when opened, the box is sealed with a slight bit of fray of the paper, but it is entirely sealed, nonetheless. Nothing leaks out, but the subtle fragrance. The fragrance has held well because of this.I really have no idea what color the powder is, except to say the label on the bottom reads, “Natural Flesh” $2.00. This was probably a high price in the 50’s, which is what I guess the age to be. I tried to research to find out more about the brand, but I found nothing at all. In fact most of the Coquet’s I found were with 2 “t’s”. Is this a rare find?The lid slides off and on easily. There is one tiny blemish on the outer box, and nothing at all blemished on the inside. It measures s 75 x 1.75.Add this to your vanity collection, you won’t be disappointed!
If you haven't yet done so, turn up your volume. Millie Mac has added your favorite Oldies but Goodies so you can listen while you browse! I listen to it while I write & post

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Classic Style Knitting and Santa Is Coming To Town

Columbia Hand Knit Fashions Pattern Book Vintage 1948 First Edition
This wonderful collection of ultra 40’s High Fashion Patterns is in very good condition. Each full color photo is rich and in excellent clarity. The accessories the women are wearing are a treat to behold themselves, but the knits are exquisite! 33 pages and all in tact, there are some creases here and there, but the 3 staple binding is good and there are no markings. 8”x11.5”.Get this booklet that is 60 years old and knit yourself something wonderful that will stand out remarkably or simply add this to your collection of wonderful vintage ephemera. It really is a treat to look at these fashions and imagine them very in retro-style today. Accessories by B. Altman & CoHats by Florence Reichman couteousy of B. Altman Color Photography by Conant-Bradley

And something for the Gentleman...Christmas is just around the corner!

This wonderful collection of ultra 50’s high fashion sweaters for men has definitely been used during its 53 years! It is showing some wear. But the pages are intact, and in fact reinforced with tape and each pattern is completely usable. Lock into that retro look with these great cardigans and pullovers. Each black and white photo is rich and in excellent clarity. There are some creases here and there, and you can see in the photos the front cover has a missing corner. There are no markings. 9” x 11.5

About Christmas...

I've been thinking about my Christmas purchasing this year...In this current throw away society, with it's Plasticene embalmed gadgets that will probably last a month and all the "As Seen On TV" giveaways, the high priced food baskets of stuff we will never eat!...why not buy quality? Why not roam the isles of the hidden treasures on line or in your nearest antique and collectibles colony? why not get more bang for your buck? It is the "GREEN" thing to do!

I've decided to buy vintage too! When I look around at all the treasures that are at the Briarwood Antiques Shop that my items are at as well and scan the beautiful vintage items I see on line...I am amazed at the quality and the beauty of it all. Such rich colors, sparking jewels, functional quality tools, finely old-world crafted pieces of furniture and exquisite art work...I see a world of not only buying power, but more importantly...REUSE...RECYLCLE...and keeping things alive!

Having said this, I am all in favor of buying hand crafted as well! Quality is there, and the heart & hands of the maker are written all over the work of art. Also alot of people use recycled material and are of a mindset to reuse. I choose to support them, by buying hand crafted as well.

Santa's Coming to Town, at least take a look before you buy...lets shop Vintage!


Monday, September 14, 2009

A Harvest Bouquet and Chocolate Chip Waffles in San Jose, Ca!

Royal Albert “Harvest Bouquet” Tea Cup and Saucer ~ Mint! OPEN LINK!

A bouquet of hand painted Harvest Flowers adorn this little set. With pink and blue and yellow gold and green laying in the saucer and placed on both the outside as well as the inside, it is quite lovely and fanciful. The slightly scalloped rims of both the cup and the saucer are splashed with gold. The curled handle is trimmed in gold as well.The mark on the bottom reads, under is coronet logo, “Royal Albert Bone China England “Harvest Bouquet”.The condition is perfect! Not a nick or a scratch or chip or crazing anywhere! One little spider bite on the underside of the saucer. You will enjoy this pretty taste of tea!

Wow! The chrome on this beautiful piece is stunning. Only 1 small ½ inch area where someone did not know how to care for sparkling chrome and left some angel hair lines. I got this at an estate sale and the adult lady I purchased it from stated Her Mother raised her with this, and her Mother raised her on it. So we are talking 2 generations old. These waffle irons last forever! What quality!But other than that, it works very well and will make a soft or crisp perfect 7.5”, 4 sectional waffle. The handles, the 3 feet, and the heat indicator (which adjusts from lighter to darker) is made from Bakelite. The “cut gemstone” indicator turns red when it is ready to pour, and turns off when done. As mentioned the chrome is stunning and has a classic art nouveaux scroll on the top. It really sparkles.It is a Model 307.64602. It is 110Volt, 660 Watt, and 57 Amp. Comes with chord, which shows no ware at all. Normal “seasoned” cooking marks are visible on the grid. Place this on your breakfast table one Sunday morning and wow them with your famous chocolate chip waffles! Or just put it on your 40’s style kitchen cabinet and just look at it!

Moved it there!....All moved into my "brick and mortar" shop at Briarwood Antiques. Now in the front window booth...this is a multi-vendor shop...I am also in the "first booth on the right" as I am printing on my new business cards. So if you are ever in San Jose Ca. some day, come on down to "Antique Row" and see all the great stuff you have been viewing on line here in person! My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fiesta Boat and a Calico Soap Dish

This festive Fiesta Gravy Boat with it beautiful robust lines is in good condition with 3 chips on the foot (seen in photos). Also seen in the photos, are 2 teeny tiny reddish veins. For this reason it is priced low!
It will still make a lovely serving addition or pretty part of your Fiesta collection.
It measures 8 x 4.5 x 5. The mark on the bottom is “Fiesta HLC USA”. According to my Lehner’s Encyclopedia of US Marks, this piece is dated 1935 to 1937 “…a Sears product, No’s 135-140 ( these are the no’s used in the book) …was filed for registration on March 20, 1937 claiming use since November 11, 1935 for use in earthenware table service.”
Yes this boat has got some minor damage, but due to is 60 year old age, I feel this still has some great value to it! Also the yellow is rich and beautiful and will brighten up any table or collection! FREE SHIPPING! US & CAN

This well established brown Calico patterned soap dish is in pristine condition. No chips, cracks or crazing anywhere. The brown dots seen on the bottom of the dish in the pictures are not chips. They are just the brown color used in production or normal use wear marks. It measures 4 x 5”.A fine addition to your Staffordshire collection, but will serve as a soap dish as well! FREE SHIPPING! US & CAN

Holloween is around the corner! Got any old tired out holloween decorations you want to get rid of? Or ones that need some repair. I would consider buying them from you!! Email me and let me know! ...of course you may see them on here someday revived and ready to Trick or Treat again!