Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Classic Style Knitting and Santa Is Coming To Town

Columbia Hand Knit Fashions Pattern Book Vintage 1948 First Edition
This wonderful collection of ultra 40’s High Fashion Patterns is in very good condition. Each full color photo is rich and in excellent clarity. The accessories the women are wearing are a treat to behold themselves, but the knits are exquisite! 33 pages and all in tact, there are some creases here and there, but the 3 staple binding is good and there are no markings. 8”x11.5”.Get this booklet that is 60 years old and knit yourself something wonderful that will stand out remarkably or simply add this to your collection of wonderful vintage ephemera. It really is a treat to look at these fashions and imagine them very in retro-style today. Accessories by B. Altman & CoHats by Florence Reichman couteousy of B. Altman Color Photography by Conant-Bradley

And something for the Gentleman...Christmas is just around the corner!

This wonderful collection of ultra 50’s high fashion sweaters for men has definitely been used during its 53 years! It is showing some wear. But the pages are intact, and in fact reinforced with tape and each pattern is completely usable. Lock into that retro look with these great cardigans and pullovers. Each black and white photo is rich and in excellent clarity. There are some creases here and there, and you can see in the photos the front cover has a missing corner. There are no markings. 9” x 11.5

About Christmas...

I've been thinking about my Christmas purchasing this year...In this current throw away society, with it's Plasticene embalmed gadgets that will probably last a month and all the "As Seen On TV" giveaways, the high priced food baskets of stuff we will never eat!...why not buy quality? Why not roam the isles of the hidden treasures on line or in your nearest antique and collectibles colony? why not get more bang for your buck? It is the "GREEN" thing to do!

I've decided to buy vintage too! When I look around at all the treasures that are at the Briarwood Antiques Shop that my items are at as well and scan the beautiful vintage items I see on line...I am amazed at the quality and the beauty of it all. Such rich colors, sparking jewels, functional quality tools, finely old-world crafted pieces of furniture and exquisite art work...I see a world of not only buying power, but more importantly...REUSE...RECYLCLE...and keeping things alive!

Having said this, I am all in favor of buying hand crafted as well! Quality is there, and the heart & hands of the maker are written all over the work of art. Also alot of people use recycled material and are of a mindset to reuse. I choose to support them, by buying hand crafted as well.

Santa's Coming to Town, at least take a look before you buy...lets shop Vintage!


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