Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ella, The Ink spots and a Hand Forged Tool!

Tool Tongs Pliers Nippers Hand Forged Handmade Antique
open link

Very primitive. The hinge works very well. Overlapping points. One handle longer than the other. Raw mottled surface. Iron or steel.
I was told this was made many many decades ago by the woman that owned it.
6.5 x 1.5 x .75
The Ink spots and Ella Fitzgerald

Open the link and listen wait a few seconds to load...

Jewelry from the past!

Necklace Vintage 3 Strand Lucite Beaded Black and White
Open link
 This pretty and stylish necklace is in beautiful condition. I love the graduated size of the beads, as they meet in the middle. This vintage necklace would brighten up many an outfit, in black or white of course, but a red or a blue? ...that would be sharp! Any color really.
Brooch Pin Trifari Faux Pearl Rhinestone Gold Plate Leaf
open link
Stunning! Pearls and gold and diamonds. Actually, faux pearls and gold-plate and sparkly white rhinestones. It's costume. It's Crown Trifari. It's fabulous!

The flowing leaves are brushed gold-tone metal with shiny edges and veins and stems. They radiate outward from the cluster of pearly and sparkly “stones". Beautiful and very representative of their era.

Necklace Red Lucite Beaded with Gold Tone Ribbed Beads
 open link
Cherry-red Cellulite beads strung in between Grecian looking gold-tone ribbed beads. It is made well. The clasp is a screw in gold bead that makes the connection invisible!

Earrings Aurora Borealis Vintage Mixed Bead Clip On
open link
Hip 60's Fashion Aurora Borealis clip on earrings.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Framed Artwork and Miss Peggy Lee Singing "Just The Way You Look Tonight"

Jos Ruting Cactus Flower Water Color In Vintage Frame open link for more detail
Margo Alexander Original Farm Life Scene open link for more detail
Peggy Lee "Just the Way You Look Tonight"
Open Link for more detail ...be patient....it takes her a couple of minutes to warm up!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vanity Requires Tools....

Genuine Leather Travel Vanity Manicure 9 Pc Set open link
This handsome and like new, dark green leather vanity and manicure set is in the shape of a squared triangular, is dated back to the 50's due to the materials used. It has everyting you need for those early morning ablutions on the road.

The leather, glass jars and lids and other tools are in perfect condition with some minor wear on the outside of the case. Heavy white thread stiching throughout. The heavy metal zipper works great. A barely used handle on the top works perfectly to carry it easily. Very few minor leather rubbings on the corners and edges of the case. barely noticeable.

open link Bond Street Jewel Case Corporation Faux Leather Wood Jewelry Box
 This large beautiful creamy colored off white wood base with faux leather top, Jewelry case is all lined in elegant red velvet. Very elegant!

First the center opens. In this section, there are 2 compartment trays and 4 ring slots.
Then the 2 sides open next that reveal 3 compartment trays. Below these pop outs are 3 large compartments in the mid-section. They are 8.5 x 4, and 8.5 x 5, in the very middle. The hidden drawer on bottom has 2 large compartments 8.5 x 3.5. and 12 2 x 2 sqares for earrings. The overall measurements are 15 x 10 x 6

While this piece is in very good condition, there are a few things to mention. There are a few creasing indents in the velvet from the previous owners jewelry. Also, the slightly padded faux leather, which is only on the top, has a very thin slit on the mid-section. For this reason, if one didn't want to just leave it as is, as it is not a big gash, I think this would be a perfect canditate for some upcycling. As the tops could very easily be reupholstered with some nice fabric of your choice and a good glue gun. One could get away with even just doing the center (where the slit is, seen in the pic) and leaving the side tops as contrasting, as they are very nice.

Antique Heirloom Wooden MC Monagrammed Hand Mirror open link

Beautiful wood frame and handle. Lovely hand carved garlands and bows decorate this beauty. MC for Mary C., which were her Mothers initials too....they were her Mother's Mothers initials as well!

There is 1 flaw in the wood frame, which was either done at the time of its creation or was done later and re-lacquered. Because it is all thouroughly lacquered. The flaw can be seen in the close up of the handle. The flaw? It has lost one of its dainty curls at the base of the morror..it has been completely resealed and or varnished.

You can see the glass is vintage and has some little black marks around the beveled rim, only due to age. You can also see a few minor scratches on the glass. However in that same picture you can see the true brilliance and beauty of this beveled work of art. 9 x 4

It is wonderful to hold it in your hand and think of all the pretty hands that have held it before.


But, after all, we are a young nation, and vanity is a fault of youth. Rebecca H. Davis
But It is oh so fun...all the pretty things!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Carlson Indian Doll and Anita O'Day 1953 "It's Different When It Happens To You"

Carlson Indian Native American Woman with Papoose Doll
open link 
 This beautiful indian woman is in very good condition, and very clean. She has a leather overcoat, trim headband, a fluff of feather in her bandana and lovely seed bead trims. All suede and very soft. Her suede mocassins complete her outfit.
Her pretty gold sleeper eyes don't open and shut automatically, but they do open and shut and she is still a fine looking doll.
Her papoose on her back is a seperate doll that comes out of the backsack. One of the pins to hold the papoose to her is apart but can easily be stitched or glued closed and fixed. Her arms move. Her hair is still in good condition and braided well.
She is 8 inches.

Also Listen to this Anita O'Day "It's Different When It Happens To You"
 1953 open link

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Norwegian Arne Halse Nisse Santa Klaus Family!

Arne Hasle NISSE Elf Gnome Troll Pixie Norwegian Christmas Santa Figure open link

What a jolly old soul!!
I do believe this guy has a little bit of age to him; perhaps dating to the 1960's? He has a rubber face, hands, legs and feet and felt body with yarn adornments. 
Body of soft foam rubber and wire. Rubber or Latex head hands and feet. A goofy but loveable character with missing teeth (intentional) and a glowing smile...happy face. A well endowed nose. and skillfully hand painted features. He has a dusty look (intentional). And fuzzy unkempt white "hair" and beard. His hands are dis-proportionately large for his body (intentional).His

clothes are fashioned with a hand knit sweater of a black and white pattern, and black woolly pants. His woolly, (or felt) red cap has a long tail and yarn to the feet. His feet are a black painted gloss. He doesn't stand well in fact I think one of his legs is slightly shorter than the other, but a doll stand can correct this. However when standing he stands a proud and very happy 13.5

Arne Hasle NISSE Elf Gnome Troll Pixie Norwegian Christmas Mrs Santa open link
What a happy Lady! You would be too if you were married to Santa Claus! This "beautiful from the inside" little lady would cheer up any room! She has the most engaging jolly face!
I do believe the Norwegian Mrs Santa is from the 1960's.
She has a rubber face, hands, legs and feet and felt body with yarn adornments. She has intentional white dusting on her face. This is a very sweet attribute, makes her look somehow more real and beautiful.
A body of soft foam rubber and wire. Rubber or Latex head hands and feet.
what a goofy but loveable character with missing teeth (intentional) and a glowing smile...happy face. A pretty tuberous nose and skillfully hand painted features. Has a dusty look (intentional). Fuzzy unkempt white "hair". Hands are dis-proportionately large for her body (intentional).
Her clothes are colorful red, white and black with a touch of green trim for that Christmasy look. Lacy hems. A button is velcro under it. This dates this to post Velcro, as Velcro was introduced in 1956. She has a cap with a long tail and red yarn to the feet. Her feet are black latex glossy paint.
She will need a doll stand as she does not stand well.
Arne Hasle Askim Norge Norwegian Christmas Sitting Doll Elf  open link
Last but certainly not least!
This guy is so adorable! He has the most engaging jolly face!
Each foot is marked Arne Halse and the right also says "Askim" and the left also says "Norge." He is Norwegian.
He is believed to be around 50 years old.
He has a rubber face, hands, legs and feet and felt body with yarn adornments. He is designed to sit (stand pictured not included) and measures 8" tall (seat to head) in the sitting position. He has an intentional white dusty look on his hands and feet.
His body is of soft foam rubber and wire. Rubber or Latex head hands and feet. He appears to be giggling as his eyes are shut with laughter and a beaming smile...a very happy face. A well endowed nose.... and skillfully hand painted features. This seemingly young guy has a fuzzy unkempt white beard, that is plugged through his face. His hands are dis-proportionately large for his body (intentional).
His sweater seems to be hand knitted in a black and white pattern. A touch of green accents his Christmasy look. A cap with a long tail and yarn to the feet. Handsome red rubber boots are on his feet. Remember this is not a doll, but rather a figurine for Christmas or even all year long home decor. he would be very cute on your fireplace hearth or even sitting on your tree. He needs a prop to sit up though.
Very lightweight and he measures 10" x 6". Just a wonderful addition to your collection, or, perhaps the beginning of a new one? NISSE Elf/ Gnome/Troll/Pixie

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Monkey A Motorcycle and a Mouse

  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Monkey Stuffed Animal Toy  open link      
This fun and handsome monkey is looking for a new home. He's got his best rubber shoes on and offering his banana too. His happy rubber face is clean and still very youthful looking for being some 50 years old!
Monkey's suit is in excellent condition too...he is a fine sturdy little guy! How adorable!
His inside foam rubber is dry...but his suit is very soft and fuffy with no worn patches. Monkey has many many years left in him. He has no marks chew bites or tears. He has lived in a smoke free home.
While he does not stand on his own, he sits upright very well. His rosy cheeks and painted eyes will delight any child, however monkey would be happiest just sitting on your shelf with all your other stuffed toys. He measures 15"
Won't you consider adoption? He is very well behaved.

Rare Auburn Vintage Red Rubber Motorcycle Toy open link

Hasbro Mickey Mouse Bubble Gum Candy Coin Bank Toy open link
This is one of Hasbro's contribution to the darling rodent. It works very well. Has Hasbro logo and boy on bottom and copyright dated 1968. It may need cleaning. It has the removable plug on the bottom too. No issues, whatsoever! Works great!
From Hasbro Gumball Machines by Euphrates: " Hasbro first fooled around with the gum-dispenser concept in the early '60s with it's Chiclets and Dubble Bubble machines. Besides making gum available to children whenever they wanted it, the machines also acted as banks. Banks that children could remove the money from whenever they wanted it. In 1968, Hasbro released their line of character machines that dispensed gumballs. The machines were generally clear heads of popular characters that held the gum, attached to a bank and separated by a coin feeding mechanism. The characters from this period were Bozo, Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Popeye and Scooby Doo. In the early '80s, Hasbro released another line of characters; GI Joe, Transformers, Mork from Mork and Mindy, and Spiderman. The catch is the gum. It is very difficult to find the correct sized gumballs. Modern refills just barely make it through the chute."
This is a cool and great addition to your vintage toy collection. 9 x 6.5"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tourista Made in Switzerland Expressly for Lord and Taylor Ladies Blue Wool Felt Hat Cloche

But first....Check out this rich and so very 40's Fashion Show!! I love it!
1940's Vintage Fashion show! open link! Thank you Pranceandswagger!
Tourista Made in Switzerland Expressly for Lord and Taylor open link!
This smart navy bue wool felt hat Is in remarkable condition for being from the "early 40's". This is retrieved from a woman who loved the hat but never wore it. She said she got it many years ago at an estate sale with all the other 30's & 40's hats that were being sold.
The Label reads: Tourista Made in Switzerland Expressly for Lord and Taylor.It has an amazing stitched Swirl in the crown. You can see the detail of this stitching in the photos of the inside of the hat best.
Very clean, only some yellowing on the lable. It is soft and pliable, but remains firm where you want it to be.
The brim can fold down or up at several different angles for effect. It measures 7h x 13w x 8" inside diameter.
You can remember this style in old photos. Very nice and stylish hat.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Joy Ride Movie Lobby Card Poster 1958

Joy Ride Movie Lobby Card Poster 1958     Open link!
"Joy Ride, the 1958 Edward Bernds teen hot rod car crime action thriller ("Let's do it for KICKS!"; "The Thrill-Act that ends in TERROR!") starring James Westmoreland (billed as "Rad Fulton"), Ann Doran, Regis Toomey, Nicholas King, and Jim Bridges" From Movie Poster.com
In very good mint condition!
This is #2 of a series of, I believe, 6 "Lobby Cards" that were on display in the lobby of the theater.
It measures 11 x 14. Heavy card stock.

Drag Strip Girl! ...open link... 


Sunday, September 4, 2011

50's TV Dinners! Ad Card and TV Commercial

Rare B/E Sales Promo Litho Ad Card Birds Eye TV Turkey Dinner
open link!
A Birds Eye Brand Advertising Card Boasting about the wonders of fast, all in one, in front of the TV Dinners!These were probably featured inside grocery store isles with the price marked in the lower right corner. I think since it features a metal tray, that this definitely dates this pre microwave days and one had to heat up there dinner in an old fashioned oven!
The lower left corner of this cardboard ad has a small tip that is damaged, you can barely make it out in the picture. There is also, from the manufacture, on the yellow letters, what I would call bleeding ghosts.So faint you cannot see it in the phot. This happened at print. All Else in good condition.
This was the beginning of a whole new way of family dining. A fun slice of time captured in an advertisement.
It measures 13.25 x 9.75
Different Brand...but here is a Swansons TV Dinner Commercial from the 50's too...Looks pretty good but we all know...don't we?
SWANSON TV DINNERS CLASSIC TV  (Thank You tvdays! You Tube)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

His and Hers Jewelry

Swank Gold Mother Of Pearl Fishermans Tie Clip & Cuff Links in Gift Box
This handsome set of inlaid Mother of Pearl and gold is in mint condition...including the gift box.
The tie clip is a charming gold fishing rod that is a slip on clip. It features a stylish gold wire that is the fishing line and the rod is inlaid on the handle with the Mother of Pearl piece. There is a Silver round at the hand of the rod to represent the reel.
The two fish cuff links are the flip lever type and are of the curved bodies of the fish with inlaid Mother of Pearl.
All finely made by Swank. I believe this is gold plate, as there are no karat markings on any of the pieces. There is the Swank mark on each piece.
The Faux alligator 3x3x1 box is in almost like new condition (1 teeny ding as seen inthe pic), but ready for gift giving. Swank is logo'd inside the box. This was purchased at an estate sale and I believe the box, or the set, were not used much. 
A good gift for Christmas, Fathers Day, or just because you love him.

Multi Chain Bobbles and Beads 3 Strand Necklace Greens

This 32" lightweight and fun three stands of goldtone and multi shaded green beads is in very good condition. No tarnish, still nice and shiny. It has a slip ring latch that moves perfectly. At the end of the necklace is a belled ornament that several matching strands hang from. The beads are different textures too, as you can see in the close up.

Here is a link to some cool vintage jewelry commercials...thank you
Lee Michaels Jewelry (Baton Rouge Vintage Commercials)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hand Woven Mexican Straw Purse Handbag with Straw Flowers

Hand Woven Mexican Straw Purse open link 
 This fine looking ethnic straw purse is probably older than the 80's but I just can't be sure. I want really say the 70's or 60's. I remember having something like this purse then.
The straw is in beautiful condition. No rips or snags or fraying. The Straw flowers are starting to show some wear. The yarn stitchwork is all secure and in tact. There is a flower and stitching on the top flap too.
The goldtone fixtures are in slightly tarnished condition. But stll look nice and shiny! The leather, or faux leather, clasp is starting to fray.

The inside is clean and has a sweet straw fragrance.
The leather or faux leather, handle wraps are in tact with the exception of 1 small area. It is starting to come apart (barely noticeable). However, underneath the wrap is the strong and sturdy straw handle so this wrap could conceivably come completely off and still be very usable and nice looking. Flip top is tied to the body with black string...secure, but probably not the original attachment.
I would put a big beautiful scarf inside and let it flow behind, as you shop or comb the beach on a hot summer day!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Nature Quiz Game! "Electric"!

Jacmar Mfg. Electric Nature Quiz Educational Game
 This Nature Quiz is a fun match the picture to the Name electric light up game. It is very educational even for adults. But really geared for the elementary youngster. There are 5 pages that are double sided that rest on the 2 pegs on top of the board. The child simply takes one safely designed wire and touches the hole above, for example, the fox and then takes the other wire and touches the hole over the description. When it is the correct name & description the bulb at the top lights up very brightly...very rewarding, if I do say so myself!

All cards are availalbe and In mint condition. the 10 subjects are: Wild Life & Trees Plant Life Useful to man, Flowers, Dogs, Botany, Birds, Fur Bearing Animals, Sea Life, Wild Animals, Insects, Reptiles.

The box is in good condition. 1 taped corner. Table scuff marks on bottom. The box measures 10 x 8 x 2. Made by Jacmar Mfg Co New York NY.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat,,,and Shirley Temple!

Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat

Adorable little lady, Story Book Doll with a painted face and kissy lips. Her blonde hair is topped with a blue brimmed hat. Her satiny pink/mauve full dress is accented with a tulle net petticoat and panties.
She has white painted formed shoes. Only her arms move on her plastic body.
Really cute and in nice condition...Her hair is mussy, but hey she has been around for probably a good 50 years!
I would love it if anyone could identify her further. I want to say she looks like Little Bo Peep, but think her satin dress is a bit fancy for Peep.
I found her at an estate sale in a box, with the owners other old dolls. Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reddy Kilowatt Electric Co. Logo Plastic Character and Ashtray 1950's

Reddy Kilowatt  open link
Reddy Kilowatt Electric Co. Logo Plastic Character
Reddy Kilowatt...the logo of many electrical companies throughout the 50's here in a cute plastic fugurine and standing with slotted feet in it Bakelite stand. But there is a surprise....He Glows in the Dark!
Both sides of his skinny see through plastic body are exactly the same and likewise his face and hands are the same on each side.
There is a US Patent # on both Shoes and Reddy Kilowatt marked on the shoes and the bottom of the Bakelite stand.
Reddy Kilowatt is drawn as a stick figure whose body and limbs are made of "lightning-bolt" symbols and whose bulbous head has a light bulb for a nose and wall outlets for ears. Reddy was created at the Alabama Power Company by Ashton B. Collins, Sr., and debuted March 11, 1926. He was subsequently licensed by some 300 electrical companies in the U.S. and abroad looking to sell homes on using the relatively new technology. He was featured in a 1947 comic book and movie produced by the studio of Walter Lantz. Reddy Kilowatt was a frequent presence in publicity material until energy conservation replaced energy production as a national goal with the growth of the environmental movement and the OPEC oil embargo. He is now rarely seen. In 1998, Reddy was bought by Northern States Power Company, which created an entire subsidiary, Reddy Kilowatt Corp., to manage the cartoon. That company later created Reddy Flame, a character promoting natural gas. From Wikipedia.
He measures 5.5". He is in excellent condition with only some slight wearing of the red lines on his face.
I do have a great looking and perfect condition Reddy Kilowatt Ashtray that will be a bonus...as long as it is available...with the purchase of Reddy.

Reddy Kiowatt Ashtray  open link
Reddy Kilowatt Electric company logo from the 50's is embossed on this mint condition ashtray. Collectors of Reddy and electrical company promotional collectibles, will note that I also have for sale in my shop the actual Reddy Kilowatt Glow in the dark figurine. (See seperate listing).
This is 4" round and 1" deep clear glass with 3 protuded cigarette ridges on the side.

The logo also has (Registered trademark logo), Reddy Kilowatt. The glass, with no chips cracks or dings, is starting to pink up a bit, as aged glass does. It looks old.

You can buy the ashtray seperate, but I am offering this ashtray as a bonus to go with the purchase of the figurine.Reddy Kilowatt Electric Co. Logo Plastic Character

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Red Leather Bag and a Bag Made of Chain Maille

Vintage Genuine Leather Red Purse Handbag open link!
This smart looking bag is very clean, no marks or fraying and like new! The latch works great.
Inside is a metal zipper pocket. It reads "Genuine Leather" lining. The look and feel suggest it is leather on the outside as well. Very sturdy and firm.
The goldtone trim is not tarnished at all.
Made in the USA. The bottom, which stands level, is even unmarked!
The double 13" strap is NOT adjustable. Hand held only The strap is mint as well!
A medium size...9.5 x 6"
This reminds me of the purse that Peggy would use on Mad Men!
...and the red, the red is a delicious deep apple red! Nice

Chain Maille Purse Handbag Clutch Evening Bag Black Open Link!
Very slinky and full of sparkles...you'd think it was sequins, but it is instead chain maille (you know, like armor but very fine and beautiful!), "fabric" all linked together to create a stunning black evening bag. Or if you like even for day wear.
It has a 38" chain shoulder strap. Or can be used as a clutch.
A Goldtone ring on the front of the bag holds a few pleats of the chain maille. Chain is black metal. There are goldtone attachments with a black nylon zipper opening and 1 inside pocket. The interior is all black satin. No zipper on pocket label. The goldtone is not tarnished at all. Zipper works very good.
"made in China". Mint condititon and very clean!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remember this one?

Opening Theme Song / Intro for The TV Show Room 222  with Karen Valentine! I forgot about this show...remember this one?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handmade Pink Sherbert Lined Summer Dress

Handmade Pink Sherbert Lined Summer Dress
 The colors of this dress are amazing...the fabric is a variegated abstract blotchy pattern of mainly pinks, lavenders, golds and off white... speckled with tiny gray splashes overall. Very summery and yummy!

The material is satiny, only a slight sheen like polished cotton, but lighter and silkier. It feels like it would be a cool dress. May be Rayon blend with cotton.

The Front has a V-neck with a "Y" dart pattern that meets at the middle seam. Sleeveless but with just a slight lip over the shoulder. The waist seam is tapered up in the middle slightly.

Sweet 1 inch flat pleats that run in the opposite directions from the middle...the pleats flow into a full skirt with a 4" hem

A hidden 20" Talon Nylon zipper dates this to maybe the 70's or 80's, although the style suggests more the 70's. It is fully lined in white of the same fabric... and acts as a slip for the skirt as well, which is attached in only 2 places, the front and the back hem, with loose strings to allow the skirt freedom to move.

There is no sizing or label...this is a handmade dress...But here are the measurements all lying flat:

Skirt hem to waist is 23.5 ". The waist is 15" (no strecth). Waist to V-neck 11". Top of zipper to waist is 14". Shoulder to shoulder is approx 20". Arm hole is 7.5". top of neck hole is 9"

Beautifully crafted, someone took great care in making this a lovely dress.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Schenectady New York Locomotive and Evelyn Curro Train Drawing

This very large photo is Sepia tone, and in good condition. There is some creasing, but still very frameable. Behind a matted frame you will not see the small white missing piece in the border.
Judging by the clothes these train men are wearing, I believe the picture was taken originally at the turn of the century.
It measures 22.5 x 17". It is a rolled photo and will be sent rolled.
A very nice piece of railroad, trainmen and photgraphs memorabilia.
Evelyn Curro Pen and Ink Drawing Print Picture of Southern Pacific Locomotive
This beautifully crafted black and white on egg shell heavy paper pen and ink drawing by Evelyn Curro needs to be matted and framed and find a new home. In good condition.
19.5 x 10". No tears. The hammers on the side are just to hold the roll open.
Copyright 1976
Cool Video of vintage Steam trains....

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homeside 1949 Loom and Vintage French Lessons

Homeside Hand Weaving Loom With Instruction Leaflet
Clever little loom that can spark the interest of any child...on rain or snow days or long drives...also a fabulous in mint condition collectible of childhood toys from 1949. This has been in storage most of these past years. the instruction booklet details how to make Potholders, Place Mats, Doilies, Ruggs, Dolls, etc.

Includes 2 needles, 1 hook, green frame/loom, Instruction pamphlet. No yarn... All in mint condition! Made by Homeside Yarns Inc., NY. Heavy Gage Steel. I presume any yarn can be used

Living French A Complete Language Course Box Set
Awesome graphics on this boxed set. It includes 40 lessons complete on 4 LP HiFi 331/3 RPM Records, and 2 books.
These Living Language courses that were based on "US Gov methods".
The books are titled "Everyday Conversation Manual" and "Listen and Repeat Comprehensive Common Usage Dictionary".
These albums are in almost like new condition! You can see in the picture the lustre on them. the books are like new as well. The set is 10.25 SQ x 1.
What a great collectible from the Atomic era and the expanding internationalism frenzy.
This is part of a series of different languages...start your collection today!