Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hand Woven Mexican Straw Purse Handbag with Straw Flowers

Hand Woven Mexican Straw Purse open link 
 This fine looking ethnic straw purse is probably older than the 80's but I just can't be sure. I want really say the 70's or 60's. I remember having something like this purse then.
The straw is in beautiful condition. No rips or snags or fraying. The Straw flowers are starting to show some wear. The yarn stitchwork is all secure and in tact. There is a flower and stitching on the top flap too.
The goldtone fixtures are in slightly tarnished condition. But stll look nice and shiny! The leather, or faux leather, clasp is starting to fray.

The inside is clean and has a sweet straw fragrance.
The leather or faux leather, handle wraps are in tact with the exception of 1 small area. It is starting to come apart (barely noticeable). However, underneath the wrap is the strong and sturdy straw handle so this wrap could conceivably come completely off and still be very usable and nice looking. Flip top is tied to the body with black, but probably not the original attachment.
I would put a big beautiful scarf inside and let it flow behind, as you shop or comb the beach on a hot summer day!!!

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