Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Handmade Pink Sherbert Lined Summer Dress

Handmade Pink Sherbert Lined Summer Dress
 The colors of this dress are amazing...the fabric is a variegated abstract blotchy pattern of mainly pinks, lavenders, golds and off white... speckled with tiny gray splashes overall. Very summery and yummy!

The material is satiny, only a slight sheen like polished cotton, but lighter and silkier. It feels like it would be a cool dress. May be Rayon blend with cotton.

The Front has a V-neck with a "Y" dart pattern that meets at the middle seam. Sleeveless but with just a slight lip over the shoulder. The waist seam is tapered up in the middle slightly.

Sweet 1 inch flat pleats that run in the opposite directions from the middle...the pleats flow into a full skirt with a 4" hem

A hidden 20" Talon Nylon zipper dates this to maybe the 70's or 80's, although the style suggests more the 70's. It is fully lined in white of the same fabric... and acts as a slip for the skirt as well, which is attached in only 2 places, the front and the back hem, with loose strings to allow the skirt freedom to move.

There is no sizing or label...this is a handmade dress...But here are the measurements all lying flat:

Skirt hem to waist is 23.5 ". The waist is 15" (no strecth). Waist to V-neck 11". Top of zipper to waist is 14". Shoulder to shoulder is approx 20". Arm hole is 7.5". top of neck hole is 9"

Beautifully crafted, someone took great care in making this a lovely dress.


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

*Drooling all over here* Oh, to be young and SKINNY again. *Sigh*. I'd be wearing these great old vintage styles all over again. I just love seeing the "retro girls" re-loving them. This one's absolutely darling

MyAtticsCharms said...

Aww we can dream can't we!
That is the hardest thing I think about selling vintage clothes is that everyone...well almost everyone.. says they can't wear those "skinny" sizes anymore.
but you are right a young girl will come along and slip right into it. So it is very good they are liking these fashions again now.