Saturday, June 20, 2009

Avon, Fortecrisa Depression Glass, Evangelina, & a 24K Ashtray!


I have 4 fun items to share with you today. Click on the link for full details and low pricing!

A very pretty vintage...probably from the 70' empty Avon decanter...that would make a lovely accent to your dinner table as an oil and vinegar decanter...but most of all, A mint condition addition to your Avon collection!

Very unusual in color and shape Canadian Pottery

Hope you enjoy them...really I do...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Beehive, Sailboat, Apron and a Chocolate Teapot

Today is a beautiful Spring Day here in the Bay Area and sunny just right! Yet today I sit here at my computer...obsessed with sharing new items with you and posting more every spare moment in my day, that I am not off doing a notary or errands.

Well in the evening I do like to watch my favorite shows. I Love my DVR!!! I can record all my fav's and speed through the commercials while watching! No wonder I am reading articles about "traditional advertising is becoming passe.." , this being because social networking like this Blog and Twitter and FaceBook and the like are becoming the new advertising tool. If we can speed through multi million dollar commercials then the advertisers are losing...Hey that's what I am reading from different authors these day.

It is perfect for me because I love to write...It is not just to "advertise" (although that is part of it), it is more that I want to broadcast the newest finds and treasures I have found...and the keyboard and the computer are such excellent tools for that. I am one of the few of my baby booming generation (although this number is growing), who loves all the new techy gadgets... and these social networkings, GPS's, IPhone's, etc.

Anyway, let me start "sharing" with you a ridiculously cute Beehive Hat! Made or sold by Dayton's Department Store, (who apparently sold the company in the 80's and were comparable to Macy's). The over sized bow that sits in the front of the hat reminds me of a hat Olive Oil used to where in Popeye

It really looks adorable on. You can see more pics and buy here: OPEN LINK!

As a side note: This also reminds me of some new Twitter friends I am following called "Topsy Turvy"...If you like hats and the unbelievably imaginative millinery: Check this site out: LINK! Designs for stage, Screen, and play! Fantastic!

While we are on apparel, I also newly posted this vintage hand made half apron. Very cute:

Next I am very proud to share with you about this rescue! Open the link here and read where I got this fantastic vintage 50's Sailboat TV Light! LINK! That works perfectly! She is Yar!

Well last but not least: Tea anyone?
Tea and Chocolate? perfect condition McCoy chocolate drip!

Toodles! My Attic's CharmsOPEN LINK! I really should go walk Gracie!
and then come back in and obsess!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homer Laughlin, California Pottery, "French Room", Spone Bob and TV Rabbit Ears!

I recently posted this very smart 40's "French Room" Merrival by Merrimac Felt Ladies Hat with Pheasant Feathers. Check it out here:

The inside hat has a "The Dayton Co" label in it : Dayton's was a long time family owned department store, in Minnesota, which sold out in the 1980's. They were high end, comparible to Macy's.

Also posted is this unusual collector plate by Homer Laughlin of the Firs Chalet in Washington covered in snow. This souvenir has lots of neat history labeled o the back of it and other markings...see here: Homer Laughlin Firs Chalet collectors Plate OPEN LINK!

There is also a hand written note on a piece of tape on the back that says the architects name, William A. Trimble, could it be this was written by the architect himself?

Last but not least is this lovely California pottery Rice or Vegetable Bowl, that may or may not have been intended to go together. But it sure works together...California USA Rice Bowl OPEN LINK!

It was sold to me together. I think it is the perfect size for a rice bowl or vegetable bowl. and in perfect condition!

Love to hear your feedback and comments Thank you everyone...Hey why not subscribe to my feed on the right of this page?

Ok so off to post more items...I love this...I have soooo many more, at least 3 storage sheds full of more cool items! All from days gone by!

Oh yeah, I went to a garage sale the other day and bought a beautiful ALL CEDAR Lane Hope Chest that still had it's original "Moth Insurance" Contract in it and other tags from 1945 for $25! It is a lovely looking albeit, some scratches here and there, piece that is working out very well for storage and working from as I photo and post items instead of boxes sitting on the kitchen chair!

It is amazing to me to think about this piece being made before I was even a twinkle in my Dad's eyes, yet somehow it has made its way all these years to my living is more ways than one!

As you go about your day, buying new things and throwing out old things...think vintage...think about future collectibles, date them and store them or give them up to someone to hold onto...even Sponge Bob will be a collectible someday! Have you thought about todays TV rabbit ears?

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