Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New things listed! More to come!

Hello friends, I wanted to update you here of the latest items I have added to my store. I have been busy and trying to get caught up and have all the great things I have to upload ...well ....uploaded!

I have felt really thankful that friends and total strangers have given me things to list (either outright or to split) and I am just a bit over loaded now with school and my other commitments...But I do make progress...

so here goes...

I have started posting some of the great ephemera I have (ephemera = paper , vintage, historical, promotional, or otherwise). So I have posted a ED Chase Baby Card open link! from early century. A lot of 5 vintage cards all unsigned but adorable and memorable all the same

Remember those promotional needle kits Mom used to get...the paper ones with colorful tins inside that the needles slid into? I have 2 of them that I listed that are a bit torn and definitely incomplete of all its needles, but they colorful and fun to look at.

The famous potter Stangl has a lovely pattern called "Magnolia", and I came across a "Large Bowl" so calls, and lists it at $75.95 and they only have one! I am selling both pieces for about $80...which, as almost always, includes shipping!

Finally, I have started listing the great shoes I told you about before. A sexy pair of Mr Shoes...BCBG Paris, that are so buttery soft, you can't believe they are not butter...I mean leather!

I am still working on models for the Bob Mackie Gown and the Saratoga wedding dress.But I now have a dress makers bust to use if all else fails

Oh I was handed a very hip Royal Canadian Army Wool jacket that is a very small size...would be a cool woman's jacket!

More to come! I encourage you to post your thoughts or ideas here too, just hit comments below

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Bells?

Hi everyone, This week I acquired a beautiful Saratoga Wedding Dress that has been in a dry cleaning box since her wedding day in 1983! It is gorgeous, off white and inlaid with applique's, pearls and sequins. Has a long train and a beautiful bejewelled veil. Now I need a model for this size 8 as well as the Bob Mackie Gown (size 6-8), previously posted. I guess I am going to have to start hunting around for a mannequin...but these dresses certainly deserve a live model...just like the others I posted recently. MyAtticsCharms
I have actually posted to my store these other great items; an adorable Country cow shelf, hand painted and can stand alone or hung on a wall...Some wanna be Hummel figurines...but still very adorable. A collection of them (9, less than $4.50 each) and a few stand-alone' is a Li'l Luvkins. Also some beautiful vintage cloth napkns that are off white with pink border and a sprig of cranberries in the corners. Sounds pretty unique don't they? They are pictured above. For those of you who like antique books, I have added one of the several antique books I have (more to be posted later). It is a textbook from 1937 called "Through the Years How and Why Science". Done in the classic "Dick and Jane" look and feel...but different names.... it is a joy to peruse and remember! I have posted some silver plate utensils: Oneida Tudor. And finally, something a little different, an adorable unfinished felt doll or teddy bear have to see it to understand. But it is hand embroidered and ready to be finished!
I will be working on posting some wonderful BCBG, Walter Steiger, ankle boots and heels and some long sleeve gloves, vintage hats, and a Gucci wallet...and some adorable little girl too too's!
I would love to hear from any of you ...Remember I am looking for things that you are interested in so that I can keep an eye out for them too!
Wedding Bells this year? Lets talk about the wedding dress...remember, alterations are standard practice in wedding dresses.
Till next time...M.A.C. (MyAtticsCharms) See all my great items here: My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 Fabulous new dresses Posted to

Well I got some great new pieces that I want to let you know that I posted. go to My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK! and check them out. A Norma Kamali skirt OPEN LINK!... a ballroom gown by Silkworm and a beautiful hand made summer dress! I also have added them to the slideshow on the right. There are other new items though not on the slide show.
Also I've been on the prowel for a model for the Mackie gown, and I think I have found one we are to meet Monday night so I have my fingers crossed.
Also I found this other great blogger that is passionate about not only collecting but actually grabbing a shovel and going on expeditions and finding relic beauties (with others!) in dumps and other places and has a site called Dumpdiggers. Check him out at . Some very informative articles about vintage jewelry, and getting stains out of wood furniture to collecting antique maps and DIGGING up Spode bone china!. He has added a comment here too in response to my contacting him. His name is Robert Camppbell in Canada.
Well that's it for now. Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day. I sent my Mother a beautiful Mermaid Cameo pin made by Deborah Merchant, Retail Therapy Check her great jewelry store out too...she is one of my favored links on the right!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mackie Gown, San Francisco trip and Mexican baby shower!

Has anybody seen this Nymphenburg pattern? I have searched for a very long time and I cannot find this pattern anywhere. I would appreciate any input you can lend. If not do you have a suggestion as to how I could find it?
Well we drove to San Francisco and picked up the Bob Mackie gown...It is fabulous!...My long time friend, MW, graciously allowed me to wrap the beautiful gown in a pillow case ("you must never hang a Mackey gown..the beads make it much too heavy"), and carry it away and here with me. Next is to find a size 6 model to put it on for photos. It is flesh color sheer, skin tight, with a very long slit up the side of its full length. Streams of white and off white sequins and bugle beads flow down the gown. It is wonderful! I cannot wait to get it added to MAC's (MyAtticsCharms). Stay tuned.

Also today Sunday, Randy and I went to a 60 count, men and women, Mexican Baby Shower...It was lovely in the warm San Jose weather. It was outside on the plaza. A small area, hand built on the side of the modest but comfortable house. I was overwhelmed at the warm and rich colors that were much so that I had to take some photos. I created a slide show of them and share them with you on the right. I think if you click on one it will expand. ...There was the fully tiled Madonna completely surrounded with adoring statuettes and shrubbery all around it. This wall was on the outside of the shrine to Jesus a small enclosure (again, still outside on the plaza), The crucifix, and fresh flowers all arrayed with little white lights and other images of the decadent richness of the martydom. I present to you here not as a message of religious persuasion, but instead as a glimpse into creative art. I think the photos portrayed rather well the wonderful festive colors of the day & a lifestyle so rich in family, life, children and yes Catholic martrydom... the pinks, and oranges, and yellows and hues of blues and lavenders so characteristic of the Hispanic lifestyle.
Lastly, I also picked up some wonderful new items yesterday at a yard sale look for them up soon: Gucci Wallet, Walter Steiger ankle heel boots, BCBG ankle boots, and much more!

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Slideshow!!!!

Oh My Lord ! am so pleased I have just added a slideshow to the blog...I will update it often...just remember to go to my store to see it in full detail.

I am amazed that I did that...but hey really it was all those fine young men and women before me who created the "feeds" and the "links" and the "RSS's" and the blog sites and GOOGLE!!! Yeah Google!!!!

Today was a great day! Going to school full my much more fun than I ever imagined!

Off to the city tomorrow to pick up the Bob Mackey gown! stay tuned! Hey I would love some history feedback on the gown and where it has been, when you see it...(after I list it) let me know if you have seen it before...hey you never know! Lets see if we can trace its origin.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well Welcome!

My first note here to welcome you to my blog...Glad you made it here...I am really pleased to share with you my passion about my attic...I don't really have an attic...except inside my head. I see wonderful things, like sets of china...Hall Bakeware, Nymphenberg figurines and Old vintage hats and old golf clubs. I have lots more to post to my store, My Attics Charms.
I am always on the prowl for buried treasures...I will let you know if I found something you are looking for too, either for trade or sale.