Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wedding Bells?

Hi everyone, This week I acquired a beautiful Saratoga Wedding Dress that has been in a dry cleaning box since her wedding day in 1983! It is gorgeous, off white and inlaid with applique's, pearls and sequins. Has a long train and a beautiful bejewelled veil. Now I need a model for this size 8 as well as the Bob Mackie Gown (size 6-8), previously posted. I guess I am going to have to start hunting around for a mannequin...but these dresses certainly deserve a live model...just like the others I posted recently. MyAtticsCharms
I have actually posted to my store these other great items; an adorable Country cow shelf, hand painted and can stand alone or hung on a wall...Some wanna be Hummel figurines...but still very adorable. A collection of them (9, less than $4.50 each) and a few stand-alone's...one is a Li'l Luvkins. Also some beautiful vintage cloth napkns that are off white with pink border and a sprig of cranberries in the corners. Sounds pretty unique don't they? They are pictured above. For those of you who like antique books, I have added one of the several antique books I have (more to be posted later). It is a textbook from 1937 called "Through the Years How and Why Science". Done in the classic "Dick and Jane" look and feel...but different names.... it is a joy to peruse and remember! I have posted some silver plate utensils: Oneida Tudor. And finally, something a little different, an adorable unfinished felt doll or teddy bear project....you have to see it to understand. But it is hand embroidered and ready to be finished!
I will be working on posting some wonderful BCBG, Walter Steiger, ankle boots and heels and some long sleeve gloves, vintage hats, and a Gucci wallet...and some adorable little girl too too's!
I would love to hear from any of you ...Remember I am looking for things that you are interested in so that I can keep an eye out for them too!
Wedding Bells this year? Lets talk about the wedding dress...remember, alterations are standard practice in wedding dresses.
Till next time...M.A.C. (MyAtticsCharms) See all my great items here: My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK!

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