Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New things listed! More to come!

Hello friends, I wanted to update you here of the latest items I have added to my store. I have been busy and trying to get caught up and have all the great things I have to upload ...well ....uploaded!

I have felt really thankful that friends and total strangers have given me things to list (either outright or to split) and I am just a bit over loaded now with school and my other commitments...But I do make progress...

so here goes...

I have started posting some of the great ephemera I have (ephemera = paper , vintage, historical, promotional, or otherwise). So I have posted a ED Chase Baby Card open link! from early century. A lot of 5 vintage cards all unsigned but adorable and memorable all the same

Remember those promotional needle kits Mom used to get...the paper ones with colorful tins inside that the needles slid into? I have 2 of them that I listed that are a bit torn and definitely incomplete of all its needles, but they colorful and fun to look at.

The famous potter Stangl has a lovely pattern called "Magnolia", and I came across a "Large Bowl" so calls, and lists it at $75.95 and they only have one! I am selling both pieces for about $80...which, as almost always, includes shipping!

Finally, I have started listing the great shoes I told you about before. A sexy pair of Mr Shoes...BCBG Paris, that are so buttery soft, you can't believe they are not butter...I mean leather!

I am still working on models for the Bob Mackie Gown and the Saratoga wedding dress.But I now have a dress makers bust to use if all else fails

Oh I was handed a very hip Royal Canadian Army Wool jacket that is a very small size...would be a cool woman's jacket!

More to come! I encourage you to post your thoughts or ideas here too, just hit comments below

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