Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 Fabulous new dresses Posted to

Well I got some great new pieces that I want to let you know that I posted. go to My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK! and check them out. A Norma Kamali skirt OPEN LINK!... a ballroom gown by Silkworm and a beautiful hand made summer dress! I also have added them to the slideshow on the right. There are other new items though not on the slide show.
Also I've been on the prowel for a model for the Mackie gown, and I think I have found one we are to meet Monday night so I have my fingers crossed.
Also I found this other great blogger that is passionate about not only collecting but actually grabbing a shovel and going on expeditions and finding relic beauties (with others!) in dumps and other places and has a site called Dumpdiggers. Check him out at . Some very informative articles about vintage jewelry, and getting stains out of wood furniture to collecting antique maps and DIGGING up Spode bone china!. He has added a comment here too in response to my contacting him. His name is Robert Camppbell in Canada.
Well that's it for now. Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day. I sent my Mother a beautiful Mermaid Cameo pin made by Deborah Merchant, Retail Therapy Check her great jewelry store out too...she is one of my favored links on the right!

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