Thursday, April 24, 2008

Well Welcome!

My first note here to welcome you to my blog...Glad you made it here...I am really pleased to share with you my passion about my attic...I don't really have an attic...except inside my head. I see wonderful things, like sets of china...Hall Bakeware, Nymphenberg figurines and Old vintage hats and old golf clubs. I have lots more to post to my store, My Attics Charms.
I am always on the prowl for buried treasures...I will let you know if I found something you are looking for too, either for trade or sale.


D said...

Miss Charming Attic,

I LOVE the new blog, it looks FANTASTIC. I WILL be checking back to see what treasures you unearth!

Congratulations and keep me posted!

deb & Retail Therapy Jewelry

MyAtticsCharms said...

Thanks d
your link is here...on the blog for RETAIL THERAPY. I jsut need to figure out how to get it to show...