Sunday, September 4, 2011

50's TV Dinners! Ad Card and TV Commercial

Rare B/E Sales Promo Litho Ad Card Birds Eye TV Turkey Dinner
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A Birds Eye Brand Advertising Card Boasting about the wonders of fast, all in one, in front of the TV Dinners!These were probably featured inside grocery store isles with the price marked in the lower right corner. I think since it features a metal tray, that this definitely dates this pre microwave days and one had to heat up there dinner in an old fashioned oven!
The lower left corner of this cardboard ad has a small tip that is damaged, you can barely make it out in the picture. There is also, from the manufacture, on the yellow letters, what I would call bleeding ghosts.So faint you cannot see it in the phot. This happened at print. All Else in good condition.
This was the beginning of a whole new way of family dining. A fun slice of time captured in an advertisement.
It measures 13.25 x 9.75
Different Brand...but here is a Swansons TV Dinner Commercial from the 50's too...Looks pretty good but we all know...don't we?
SWANSON TV DINNERS CLASSIC TV  (Thank You tvdays! You Tube)


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Hoo-boy! Can I even tell you what this wonderous innovative new invention meant to a working mom in that time period?! And what a HUGE treat it was to her two little girls! This was THE hot item weather you were a working mom or not. Yep, unfold the metal TV trays & one was SET! As is still the case (I think) they basically tasted like cafeteria food but going to Woolworth's cafeteria was always a treat & now we could have it at home! Oh yeah, and microwave ovens - Huh? That wasn't even dreamed of even in Disneyland's "Home of the Future" yet! Thanks for the yummie memories.

MyAtticsCharms said...

Yes I remember Mom tantalizing us with the boxed wonders..."We are gonna have TV Dinner tonight!!" As if it was dining at the Local Bob's Big Boy!
Oh now that's another one. I loved that place!