Friday, September 23, 2011

Carlson Indian Doll and Anita O'Day 1953 "It's Different When It Happens To You"

Carlson Indian Native American Woman with Papoose Doll
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 This beautiful indian woman is in very good condition, and very clean. She has a leather overcoat, trim headband, a fluff of feather in her bandana and lovely seed bead trims. All suede and very soft. Her suede mocassins complete her outfit.
Her pretty gold sleeper eyes don't open and shut automatically, but they do open and shut and she is still a fine looking doll.
Her papoose on her back is a seperate doll that comes out of the backsack. One of the pins to hold the papoose to her is apart but can easily be stitched or glued closed and fixed. Her arms move. Her hair is still in good condition and braided well.
She is 8 inches.

Also Listen to this Anita O'Day "It's Different When It Happens To You"
 1953 open link

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