Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Monkey A Motorcycle and a Mouse

  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Monkey Stuffed Animal Toy  open link      
This fun and handsome monkey is looking for a new home. He's got his best rubber shoes on and offering his banana too. His happy rubber face is clean and still very youthful looking for being some 50 years old!
Monkey's suit is in excellent condition too...he is a fine sturdy little guy! How adorable!
His inside foam rubber is dry...but his suit is very soft and fuffy with no worn patches. Monkey has many many years left in him. He has no marks chew bites or tears. He has lived in a smoke free home.
While he does not stand on his own, he sits upright very well. His rosy cheeks and painted eyes will delight any child, however monkey would be happiest just sitting on your shelf with all your other stuffed toys. He measures 15"
Won't you consider adoption? He is very well behaved.

Rare Auburn Vintage Red Rubber Motorcycle Toy open link

Hasbro Mickey Mouse Bubble Gum Candy Coin Bank Toy open link
This is one of Hasbro's contribution to the darling rodent. It works very well. Has Hasbro logo and boy on bottom and copyright dated 1968. It may need cleaning. It has the removable plug on the bottom too. No issues, whatsoever! Works great!
From Hasbro Gumball Machines by Euphrates: " Hasbro first fooled around with the gum-dispenser concept in the early '60s with it's Chiclets and Dubble Bubble machines. Besides making gum available to children whenever they wanted it, the machines also acted as banks. Banks that children could remove the money from whenever they wanted it. In 1968, Hasbro released their line of character machines that dispensed gumballs. The machines were generally clear heads of popular characters that held the gum, attached to a bank and separated by a coin feeding mechanism. The characters from this period were Bozo, Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Popeye and Scooby Doo. In the early '80s, Hasbro released another line of characters; GI Joe, Transformers, Mork from Mork and Mindy, and Spiderman. The catch is the gum. It is very difficult to find the correct sized gumballs. Modern refills just barely make it through the chute."
This is a cool and great addition to your vintage toy collection. 9 x 6.5"

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