Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homeside 1949 Loom and Vintage French Lessons

Homeside Hand Weaving Loom With Instruction Leaflet
Clever little loom that can spark the interest of any child...on rain or snow days or long drives...also a fabulous in mint condition collectible of childhood toys from 1949. This has been in storage most of these past years. the instruction booklet details how to make Potholders, Place Mats, Doilies, Ruggs, Dolls, etc.

Includes 2 needles, 1 hook, green frame/loom, Instruction pamphlet. No yarn... All in mint condition! Made by Homeside Yarns Inc., NY. Heavy Gage Steel. I presume any yarn can be used

Living French A Complete Language Course Box Set
Awesome graphics on this boxed set. It includes 40 lessons complete on 4 LP HiFi 331/3 RPM Records, and 2 books.
These Living Language courses that were based on "US Gov methods".
The books are titled "Everyday Conversation Manual" and "Listen and Repeat Comprehensive Common Usage Dictionary".
These albums are in almost like new condition! You can see in the picture the lustre on them. the books are like new as well. The set is 10.25 SQ x 1.
What a great collectible from the Atomic era and the expanding internationalism frenzy.
This is part of a series of different languages...start your collection today!

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