Sunday, July 24, 2011

MM Morris Moskowitz Pure Silk Vintage Purse Handbag Pocketbook With Saks Mirror

MM Morris Moskowitz Pure Silk Vintage Purse
Very very soft! "MM Fine silk" monogrammed on the inside. The outer is a pure black sild. Double silk handle. Gold Floral motif clasp. A creamy buff lining of a fine silky feel. It is plush too, that is to say it has a thick padded lining.

The floral motif filagree gold metal latch works perfectly and smoothly.

The darted opening, (opens very wide) has a small internal side pocket that carries the items that were in it when I purchased this at an estate sale.

They are a Saks 5th Ave tortouise shell hand-mirror and a blue lacy hanky and a vintage glitter-speckled hair comb. Very elegant. Sophisticated. Very minor use markings inside. Spotless outside.

A beautiful 8.5x5.5x 1 w handbag, that would be well suited for evening, with it's combed sheen, or day wear.

Here is some history on "MM" : from The Bag Lady U.
"Small evening bags in luxurious satins, velvets, and brocades are offered by Morris Moscowitz. Among them is a neat tailored satin pouch with a flap that is adaptable to any type of jewel trim. It comes in a myriad colors. A double handled bucket bag has a sloping circular top lined with a large round mirror."
"Handbags & Accessories" October 1955 More here...

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