Friday, July 15, 2011

Bobby Sherman Lunch Box 1972 Tote Purse Handbag

Bobby Sherman 1972 Lunchbox!
Alright girls! Settle down! Yes here he is... Bobby in a box! I know you remember his sweet sexy smile...and his "La, La, La" and "Easy Come, Easy Go" tunes.

I personally had such a crush on him and I even got to meet him once at the local mall...just a lucky chance meeting...he hung around with us mall rats for hours!

But back to the Lunch Box....It is in used condition of course, with scratches and marks...look closely at the pics though, (sorry about the quality), you will not see any dents or rust. Some expected tarnish on the metal lock. The hinge, latch and the handle are all solid and work perfectly. The litho print is worn in the obvious places as the pics will show.
Inside is the markngs of where the themos once rested. There is no thermos.

All that being said, this is a wonderful collectors piece of early bubble gum rock....and...BOBBY SHERMAN! But also this would make a cool tote or handbag! why not?

Below is a bit of history and also what Bobby is doing won't believe it! What a sweetheart!

Bobby Sherman was an extremely popular teen idol of the early 1970's -He starred in the the TV Shows, "Getting Together", "Here Come The Brides" and "Shindig" - His Gold Records included: "Little Woman", "La, La, La", " and "Julie Do Ya Love Me"

Bobby today: Wanting to be a hands-on dad and taking his role of dad very seriously, Bobby took a first aid course which proved to be the open door for his current passion, Emergency Medicine. He and his wife Patti divorced in 1979 and Bobby has remained single.

A trained EMT since 1988, Bobby now works for the L.A. Police Department as a specialist officer, assigned to the training department, where he is responsible for teaching thousands of cadets first aid and CPR. Bobby has said that medical rescue work and teaching is the best life experience and training that he could ever have.

In 1999, Bobby become a San Bernardino County Sheriff, starting the same service he provided for the LAPD.

In 1996 Bobby co-wrote his autobiography, "Bobby Sherman: Still Remembering You". Book promotion appearances on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show", "Jay Leno" and "A.M. L.A" showed Bobby that his fans had not forgotten him. In 1998, after a 25 year absence, eager fans flocked to see him in concert as part of "The Teen Idol Tour" with Peter Noone, and Davy Jones.

Although Bobby is retired from the entertainment business and public life he donates his services as a sworn officer with the LAPD and to his Foundation which supplies volunteer EMTs to community events. Bobby continues to live at his long-time home in Encino. In his off-hours he enjoys spending time with his two sons and five grandchildren.

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