Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tijuana Mexico Wooden Sombrero Ashtray 50's Souvenir Monogrammed

Ok Californians ...remember going to Tijuana with the family years ago and heading for the market place...all the color and the people and the donkeys and the souvenirs?
This is one of them ....and it was used, as you can see!
It is the shape of a sombrero and and etched markings and wordings decorate its black paint relief design. One side says Tijuana Mexico. The reverse side says "The Dolds", the families name that purchased it. The crown of the "sombrero" seats the cigarette and has Mexico etched in it as well..
It is nicotine stained and some of the black paint has come off, but all in all it is still very readable and a terrific memorabilia of Tijuana and the trinkets that were, for a few pesos, brought home to share and use.
The bottom has 3 bone button feet. I have read that this is actual bone.
This is very old and is a fine addition to nostalgic tobacciana, as well as old Tijuana!

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