Friday, July 8, 2011

1964 Motor Trend Magazine & the Horseless Carriage Gazette

1964 Motor Trend Magazine in perfect condition to add to your gear-head collection!
Check out what they were predicting in 64 to see what turned out to be true.

Slick magazine that covers the world of the Horseless Carriage.
Enthusiasts from the 60's share and boast their vintage beauties. The letter to the editor picture is quite interesting as he shares his 285 miles in 6 days journey from Willits, Ca where he had to change the tires on his iron horse 11 times...
Also featuring a cartoon from the well known artist of the time, Ward Kimball. More about him here.
"Ward Kimball Cartoonist..."
This picture is of its beautiful Centerfold!!....

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