Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Read Together Poems .... 16 Teen Magazine.... from long ago!

Let's Read Together Poems Kindergarten - Primary Grades 1949
A fine Collection of childrens poems, all in one 1949 vintage mint condition hard bound book!

An Anthology of Verse for Choral Reading. By Harry J. Heltman and Helen A. Brown
Chapters: Nursery Rhymes. Childhood Mystery and Experience Stories. Living Things. Nature and Seasons. People. Religious Poetry. Special Days. Transportation. Wee Folks and Magic.

162 pages. Hardbound Canvas Tri Color of children and trees and 1 school house. No illustrations.
Let's Read Together Poems Kindergarten - Primary Grades 1949
Sixteen 16 Teen Magazine 1963 101 Pics of Elvis

Sixteen Magazine...A teen favorite of mine.
The bobble head images of Connie Stevens, Michael Landon, Paul Peterson are pretty cute.
This magazine is not in mint condition it is showing so fraying around the edges. There is some separation, not completely, of the cover from the body pages, and some of the inside pages. but all are still together.

Also Michael Landon on the inside has been turned into a devil face with purple marker...! but this just adds to the fun of the vintage read.

Fabulous gossip stories and pics! Oh and speaking
of pics there
101 of Elvis!
There is a Vince Edwards Center fold and Neil Sedaka is the only color photo on the inside back cover. All the rest of the pages are a newsprint sepia

67 pages. You will thoroughly enjoy reminiscing with this slice of teen 1963 idoldom!

Also Check out this cute cartoon video from eja217 about gossip magazines!!


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Great vid & oh so true! Wow what a great "16" magazine. That's a real treasure there. I've been trying to find some old Photoplay mags from the 50's. Not an easy find

MyAtticsCharms said...

Yes I had a subscription to PHotoplay...I loved that one too. I will let you know if I see one.