Monday, July 4, 2011

Courier & Ives Lithograph of the Seasons Wood Plaques 1971

These lovely Courier & Ives Lithographs, set on hardwood, are in very good condition.
Depicting the four seasons, home life in all it glory and beauty are captured by the famous litographers work.
The Roadside Mill features Spring ... all in bloom
American Homestead features Summer and happy animals
American Homestead Autumn features the Fall, harvest time and abundance
A Home in The Wilderness features the quiet times of winter

Each one is printed with the text: "1971 Stapco, N.Y. Published by Courier and Ives 153 Nassau St. New York Lito in USA". The Roadside Mill does have a few brown spots at the bottom of the image which is not very noticeable in person, but can be seen in the photos.
They measure 7.75 x 5.5 x .75". The paper reproductioins are very securely in tact to the board. No peeling or even the beginning of peelings The backs a not marred, and they do not have brackets for hanging. The rustic wood backings are in very good shape and meant to have the rough edges. They are not chipped or damaged in anyway.
A very nice quadrant of Americana.

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