Saturday, September 26, 2009

Limoges, Fragonard, BF Goodrich, & Progressus

The exquisitely dainty hand painting on these 2 plate SET depict 2 lovers…the same couple in 2 different scenes. In one scene he serenades her as she reaches out to him acceptingly with a posy of love. The 2nd scene they are dancing to their own music! Underneath each scene is the signature of “Fragonard” and the name “PARIS”. This text and the rim is hand painted in gold.
Both plates a gold stand (probably a brass) that have a fold out foot for standing and a little eye hole for hanging if you would rather. On the back in gold, it reads “Limoges, France”
These mini-beauties, much smaller than others I have seen (2”), are in mint condition and absolutely precious!
BF Goodrich 9” Ice Cap ~ English Style In Box ~Open the link!
I purchased this at an estate sale and it struck me as very memorable. I have seen these in the old black and white movies.It is the bag full of ice that you rest on your head for a headache. Or to keep swelling down for other injuries. I suppose Warm water can be filled and used as a compress as well. It is very clean and in perfect condition. BF Goodrich manufactured these, I believe, because it has a rubber lining. The cloth outside is a small classy black and white check. Again, very clean. The metal screw on cap has no dents and is still shiny with some minor angel hair lines on it. There is a rubber gasket that fits to seal and is still very rubbery and not dried. It is a good seal. The inside cap states Pat 1927. So I am dating this to be from around that era. model #53-4570It measures 9” L and 3” diameter (cap). The dark green and cream colored box pretty much has the same measurements. It is showing some wear around the edges and corners, but the box is very solid.
When you hold this in your hand you can really feel the quality. The smooth action of the blade, and gear and the solid feel of the cast aluminum. Shiny interior of the ball, with some angel hair lines from use on the outside of the ball. Stamped, Progressus Italy” on the stem and a black Bakelite handle with a red trim. It measures 8.5” and 2.75” for the ball. A perfect scoop every time!
Here is a little clip of 3 vintage ice cream scoops I found on You Tube! They are really much older than this one, and look really neat!
Well I will be back to you soon...stay tuned for my new posts Vintage Midnight Rose Face Powder, A Collector Barbie in the box, And a Royal Albert tea cup and saucer.

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