Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fabulous Barbie 50th Anniversary Fashion Show You Tube! Royal Albert, and Midnight Rose!

Royal Albert “Flower of the Month Series” ~December~ 1970 Teacup & Saucer open link

This is an absolutely pristine work of art. Even the gold rim is as if it has never been used. The cup is a “squatty”, with an elegant handle also trimmed in hand painted gold.The Christmas Rose is all around the cup and saucer, but also on the inside of the cup. The snow white background offsets the green in the berry color strikingly! Even the mark on the bottom of the cup and saucer have a posy of Christmas Rose and the words “Royal Albert Bone China. Made in England. Flower of the Month series. ‘Christmas Rose’. 1970 Royal Albert LTD”.Whether you are needing this set to complete your collection of the Flower of the Month teacups or just starting out, you will not be disappointed in this vintage set!

Midnight Rose Parfumerie Doiret Face Powder open link

This sweet cardboard box of Midnight Rose Parfumerie Doiret Face Powder has a subtle scent… lovely, light and powdery. The lid is blue dapple matted cardboard with a silver embossed graphic of a single rose As you can see when opened, the box is sealed with a slight bit of fray of the paper. Some of the powder is just barely beginning to start to come out, but it is sealed, nonetheless. The fragrance has held well because of this.The label on the bottom reads, “Flesh $2.00 Parfumerie Doiret Powder New York City”. This was probably a high price in the 50’s, which is what I guess the age to be. I tried to research to find out more about the brand, but I found nothing at all. Is this a rare find? The lid slides off and on easily. There are some blemishes on the box: the corners are a bit frayed, wear showing in other places and there is some sort of discoloration to the silvery base in one corner. But the box is sturdy and attractive. It measures 3 x 3 x 1.5". A very nice addition to your 50’s style vanity and or beauty collection!

Barbie Doll: Autumn in Paris 1998 Fall Collector Edition City Season NIB open link

This is a “City Series” Edition. The Pictures say it all! The box is in mint condition as well. She is beautiful, classy and timeless! If you have any questions please call me or email me! The box measures 14” X 8”.Take our world traveler home!
Barbies First TV Commercial! Open the Link...
and then 50 years later...Well worth watching all of these 3 parts!...Wow!
& Follow Barbies Heartbeat here in Part 3 The future of Barbie??? Very touching ending watching the little girls with the models!

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