Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lovely Lady Cordelia, Kissing Boy & Girl, Mrs Santa & an Ozzie & Harriet You Tube!

Shawnee / Cordelia Lady Bust / Head Figurine open link!

Absolutely lovely! This hand painted vintage 40’s-50’s bust of a royal woman of times past, is in good condition. Her romantic face and frock proudly sits on the ceramic base. Wearing a lacey hat full of perfectly crafted flowers (none are chipped), it floats on top of her powder white ceramic wig and curl rolls. The lace on her hat has broken away pieces, but the lacey effect is still in effect, and somehow adds to the look.
The rose on the front of her bodice does have 2 small petals chipped, but you can tell from the photos that this is not very noticeable.
Aside from some crazing of the glaze she is in still beautiful condition.
She still has her “Original Cordelia Hand Painted” Sticker on the back and no markings on the bottom.
Made by the Cordelia China Company of Dalton, Ohio, Shawnee Pottery 1944-1952. She measures 4 x 7 and weaighs only 11 oz.
A very pretty Lady Head Collectible for your vanity cabinet!
Betsey Clark Kissing Boy and Girl Children Figurines Set open link!
Adorable! These mischievous little darlings cozy up to each other to show their affection for each other. Their hands behind their backs and all knowing as they approach one another! OR you can turn them the opposite direction and they become 2 stubborn little toddlers, refusing to budge an inch!
They measure 4.5” in height and about 2” in width. There is a minor repair to the little boys shoe but I didn’t even notice it until I started reviewing him closer for sharing here now. The finish/glaze is a very soft realistic matte that lends itself to the sweet baby look.
The bottom reads: Betsey Clark Collection 114/2 for the girl and 115/2 for the boy and also reads: Made in Taiwan 1979 Hallmark Cards by Hallmark.
Adorable and priced right!

Shige Ko Shigeko Mrs Santa Old Lady Figurine
This adorable lovable little lady, dressed in all red with white fir trim, is in excellent condition. No chips or cracks.
I am a little frustrated with this piece because it is hand signed by “Shige Ko” and I have searched and searched, and I cannot find any detail on who this Shige Ko is. If anyone has any clues…please let me know. She measures 9 X 6 “ an weighs 1 . 3 oz.
She appears to be handmade and hand painted. She does have a few minor glaze

crazings, but onlt on the back of her skirt. Her robust figure is very characteristic to Mrs Santa Claus, I wonder where Santa is? Is he coming to town?…I think so…She could arrive to you just in time for the holidays! Her smiling face would be a joy to set on your Holiday table!

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - Busy Christmas
This is the 1956 Christmas episode of the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Ozzie wants Christmas this year to be less complicated. However, his friends soon have Ozzie involved in almost more than ... But all is to be warm and fuzzy as Ozzie soon finds out with surprises form the rest the family...including grandbabies and The Christmas Song by Ricky! You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqgS0rWdLoQ 6:31 mins...worth it!

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