Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why Old Time? The Documentary

I love to peruse You Tube for vintage movies and clips to show you here, but I ran acros this title "Why Old Time" that really intrigued me. This looks like an interesting and entertaining documentary.

Why Old Time? This is a nice little trailer of the Movie.

From their site: We began with a simple question: why Old Time?

What we have found is that Old Time music just isn't a sound. It's a lifestyle. It's living history. And it's the musicians drive it ever forward while preserving an untarnished musical tradition.

In the summer of 2008, Horse Archer Productions announced a full length documentary called Why Old Time? In this film, we explore the beauty and art of Old Time music and demonstrate why this particular type of roots music holds such power.

Want more info? Here's the website to the movie : http://www.whyoldtime.com/

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