Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Norman Rockwell and an Oriental Girl

Royal Copley 40’s Bisque Oriental Girl Figurine FREE SHIPPING! OPEN LINK!

This young Asian girl is styled as so many were in the 40’s and 50’s... in the full robes. She is roughly hand painted.She stands 8” tall and shows a closed eye kissing pose. She does have some loss of paint on her face and head and slightly elsewhere, But she still has lots of youthful charm about her.It appears that the technique in making her was to fire her in the red/maroon glaze of the robe and then paint on the skin tone, black hair, and the lime green, trimming the robe. Surely mass produced, this is s time piece of post art nouveau modernism. Many lamps, TV lights and other items were made depicting this style. The bottom mark is a circled “c”, which I have seen on other Royal Copley figurines.

Norman Rockwell Rediscovering Women Collector Plate “ Waiting for the Dance” FREE SHIPPING! OPEN LINK!
Adorable young lady waits for the dance she has dreamed of for many moons. This Collectors plate by Norman Rockwell is dated 1993. It is a limited edition and numbered 12695K. It is certified as a true Rockwell Classic. Made by Knowles. There is no certificate available. But is stamped with the Official Rockwell Society of America Insignia. It is in pristine condition. The pretty image is bordered with a floral pattern and edged in gold.She really would like to come home with you to be added to or to start your collection of these wonderful Norman Rockwell collectibles.

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