Sunday, July 12, 2009

Silver Spice, Goose Egg, A "Kiss", Blue Delft and an Apron


Alabaster Goose OPEN LINK!

She stands up fine on her own 2 feet. The wings, feet and neck appear to be hand carved. They are pinned to the alabaster with very teeny pins. Not glued. The feet, however are heavily glued to its body and then a resin is applied to make the surface flat for standing level. It measures 2.5 x 3", from head to feet. The egg shaped body is 2”. A fine figurine.

2 Silver Plated Spice CP Shakers OPEN LINK!

Classy looking little spice shakers made of Electroplated or Silver Plate, made to look slightly tarnished. These are obviously 2 parts of a set, as they are expertly labeled on the side, “Nutmeg” & “Cinnamon”. They are one piece, and the holes are on all sides so that they sprinkle uniquely and evenly. They are in between the coronets. The sides of the shakers are hand wrought hammered. On The bottom is a good sealing plastic plug and a monogram of “CP” and stickers that say “Made in Thailand”. They measure 2.75H x 1.25 Diameter and are in perfect condition. No dents or scratches.

Delft Blue Kiss Miniature Solvang Souvenir OPEN LINK!
A sweetheart kiss of 2 Dutch children traditional souvenir. Measures 2.5 tall and 2” wide. ‘Solvang’ is written on the side. Nothing written on the opposite side. The marking on the bottom is “Hand Painted Delft Blue 1019A”, also some blue numbering. In very good condition. No chips or cracks or crazing.

Handmade Cotton Half Apron with Coat Tree Pattern OPEN LINK!

Adorable, vintage and fun in crisp white cotton. Measures from tie end to tie end 67” X 16” Length. In very nice condition no rips or tears, but 1 tiny food stain on the waist band. Handmade well. Starches up nice. Cute little coat trees, some with umbrellas and some with coat and umbrella, some with nothing, all in pink and black and grey. Crisp and pretty!

Blue Delft Mini Plate 3 Windmills and a House OPEN LINK!

This plate measures 5.125” in diameter and already to hang. No chips or cracks. There is a bit of crazing, and a couple of manufacture spider bites are on the back. Beautiful rich deep blue…of 3 Windmills (one is a very teeny one in the background), and a house next to the largest windmill. “Hand Painted. Made in Holland” is the mark.

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