Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Golden Book Hush Hush It's Sleepytime Storybook Childs Bedtime Story

This precious Little Golden Book is in like new condition. It is dated 1969 and yet there are absolutely no markings or tears. There is some expected normal wear on the edges of the hardbound cover.
I fell in love with the pictures. (But I love images of sleeping animals). You can read some of the words in the pictures. Most likely for the younger set....all about everybody going to bed....and at peace.
The final image is of mommy smiling confidently as daddy finalizes playtime.
While Little Golden Books are very popular and abundant in every childs library, this is a rare one. But I did find it sold at higher prices, than other LGB's on line. I think it is because it is so sweet. If you have a youngster that just doesn't want to end the day ...this might be the ticket. Or add to your vintage book collection this childs bedtime story.

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