Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Woody Woodpecker Childs Baby Youth Slippers Shoes

These are too cool for school!
Woody Woodpecker the famous 50's fowl is portrayed on the outer sides of the little youth slippers.You can also see his friends Chilly Willy, Splinter, and Knothead!
These are in almost perfect condition In fact. the outsides looks brand new...and there may be new soles on they look to have never been worn. The warm fuzzy felt on the inside is a teeny bit discolored, but in remarkable shape! You can see in the pics that some of the glue on the sole has yellowed, which is due to its age. But definitely not very noticeable.
The leatherette is a cream white with a gold zig zag stitch trim.
There is no size marked anywhere...but if you think you want to put them on a younster instead of just display them as great Woody memorabilia and animation antiques then here are the dimensions:  6" L x 2.25 W at the wide part of the foot x 1.50" W at the Heel  x 3.5" H
Like new!

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