Friday, August 26, 2011

Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat,,,and Shirley Temple!

Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat

Adorable little lady, Story Book Doll with a painted face and kissy lips. Her blonde hair is topped with a blue brimmed hat. Her satiny pink/mauve full dress is accented with a tulle net petticoat and panties.
She has white painted formed shoes. Only her arms move on her plastic body.
Really cute and in nice condition...Her hair is mussy, but hey she has been around for probably a good 50 years!
I would love it if anyone could identify her further. I want to say she looks like Little Bo Peep, but think her satin dress is a bit fancy for Peep.
I found her at an estate sale in a box, with the owners other old dolls. Storybook Doll Vintage Pink Dress Blue Hat


Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Omigosh, wouldn't you LOVE to get your hands on that Shirley Temple doll for $8.95 & the tea set for ONE DOLLAR, ninety eight! I love these vintage videos. Did you notice the children's furniture in the background?! Hoo-boy! Love the storybook doll. That was the big rage to collect when I was a kid - I had a ton of them - wise I still did. LOVING the music here!

MyAtticsCharms said...

Yes yes! what fun that commercial is...I wanted and got a Tiny Tears Doll..she was my baby! But yes $8.95 amazing pricing then! That's probably why I never got a Shirley Temple doll back then...It was "too expensive". lolol