Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blue Dog -Gracie, a timeless piece, a cup of decadence and a question.

Poor Gracie, she hates to wear clothes. I can't get her to budge...she just squats...her legs don't work...I have to drag her on the I gave up.

So I did the photo with a blue fits her mood perfectly in this pic. NO! she is NOT for sale! Just sharing...

But I also wanted to share with you my latest posted to My Attic's Charms OPEN LINK! .
First I have this oh so decadent Lefton China Tea setting. I love this delicate
and super sweet set... all hand painted and in perfect condition, no chips or cracks...BUT a bit of the hand painting is worn here and there.

But it still is strikingly in tact and beautiful!

Next I want to show and tell you about this wonderful old "Travalarm" by Westclox!
It works great and is in almost mint condition. Metal works wrapped in bakelite with a roll top style cover, this fab clock pre-dates 1948! Read how I know that here:

And last but not least this simple Franciscan Ware dish-let cutie...that I cannot get a handle on the pattern name. If you know please let me
know. I have researched and searched. But don't see the pattern anywhere. I also am not sure what to call this dish either: a relish dish? a butter dish?, an olive dish? What say you?
That's it for now! so many more great items will be posted. I will never get them all posted as I keep going to more estate sales and yard sales (Tis the season!) and generally being a magnet for the old, soon to be old, and the oddities from the past! Don't you just love it!

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