Monday, May 11, 2009

Been out of town for a week....

Unexpected death in the family took me away last week...But I am back and rethinking and gearing up and glad to be back.

It was good closure for Randy, (his brother passed away), and we both got caught up on both of our families at the same time. Mom, (coincidently in the same town as the funeral), is fairing very well after her open heart surgery.

But now time to get to work...if you can call this work...I don't...but I am editing my next photos and preparing for the next package to process. I literally have a couple hundred items I still need to post, and get into my store!

I can show you one item that I did just before we left for the drive to Washington State (from California).

It is a fabulously retro "Coral M Rhubarb" OPEN LINK! serving dish dated 1951. Amazingly detailed isn't it?

This evening I need to catch up on my American Idol recordings...."only 3 guys left".
So let me get busy...and I will check back here in the next day or so...

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