Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tom Clark Gnome Sculptures and a "Kwicky"

I have recently discovered the world of Gnomes...they literally have invaded my garden! Unbelievable, magical, adorable, they are digging in my planter boxes and keeping my plants strong. They are welcoming my visitors at the front door and they are riding those nasty snails right out the gate!(and yet they tell me that really those little snails are really very tasty). One of these gnomes is even measuring rainfall for me!

During a storm recently, a couple of them fell over and broke their hand and feet etc...but you know they didn't even seem to mind that! They just burroughed themselves back in the dirt and sit there proudly ignoring the weird looks my friends and neighbors give them.

I am beginnning to like these little guy's spirits!

But when I realized that 2 of them had made there way into my living room I was shocked and at first taken aback...they sat there staring at us, watching as we watched TV or ate dinner or played with Gracie... all the while smiling and acting very smug gnowing the outside gnomes were... well......outside... and they weren't! Whatever.

Then I started looking closer at these 2 gnomes I noticed MY God! they were sculpted by the famous Tom Clark...(of course I didn't know he was famous until I started researching him...remember this gnomey-ness is all gnew to me!)..I noticed that the piece is etched with his signature and dated and gnumbered and has a British coin tucked in his pocket with Queen Elizabeth's image on it! Apparently all gnomes carry a coin for good luck.

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My first visiting gnome is Called "Forest Gnome" and he is a full 10" tall! and very solid (gnot hollow) and weighty. I learned that the brown clay used in this remarkably detailed work of art is made from a mix of pecan shells and resin.

I learned that Tom Clark has made 1000's of these characters and other subjects over the years, that Tom Clark is a very gentle and kind a quiet man who loves his art and people.

Read here what the artist says about Forest Gnome himself: "1978 was the year when I created my first Forest Gnome. Standing upright with his hands clasped behind him, he was in the classic pose associated with an anonymous forest gnome. I've seen statues and drawings of gnomes that date back over one hundred years and they all share certain characteristics: short stature, large head, full beard, medieval tunic, and tall, pointed hat (usually red). My first version was approximately 12 inches tall, with his tunic tightly stretched across his chest. Then in the early 1980's I revised the statue and reduced his size to approximately 10 inches and wrinkled his tunic a bit. The third version, in 1991, reflected my style change by being more realistic, and its height was back to 12 inches. Except for having shaved his moustache (well, Betty Crocker changes her hair style!), his pose was still traditional. Now, for 1997, this fourth version is shorter and yet has the tallest gnome hat thus far. He's grown back his moustache and in his beard you can spot at least 2 more faces than could be found in the beard of Forest Gnome '91. As the leader of the clan, Forest Gnome oversees hundreds more Gnomes and Woodspirits (who wear less traditional clothing). With his five senses that are keener than those of humans, he is a wonderful caretaker and babysitter. No wonder he is often the first housewarming gift for a new home. This Gnome is where the heart is!" Artist: Tom Clark Release Date: July, 1997.

Also visiting is Ty Gnome. a fun loving baseball enthusiast, who either struck out or is just taking a break while watching his other teammates. Either way he looks to be quite happy and all-knowing. He is only 6" tall but quite large in spirit.

Forest Gnome tells me they have to go...he gnows not where but their work here is done. It's true, I feel he and Ty Gnome have opened my awareness to my permanent residents outside. While "Forest Gnome" and "Ty" are far superior to the others outside, (they would gnever let on to that in their presence, as they are very kind and fatherly in spirit), they have awakened my eyes to their magical and fun qualities...I gnow welcome more gnomes to my garden. Perhaps you would like Forest or Ty to come visit you? They are well worth the looks you will get from your friends too! Meet them here (sold!) and here TY Gnome OPEN LINK!

Also remember when Mom used to make fresh squeezed orange juice?

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