Monday, May 25, 2009

Royal Doulton Shakes it up at Mardi Gras with Fiesta Ware!

My clever little title is meant to peek your interest! Did it? Hopes is a combination of the last 4 items I posted...
First I have listed a very large and in perfect condition Royal Doulton Serving Platter in the
"Old Leeds Sprays" pattern. Lovely!

And then I posted these darling Lusto-Ware Salt and Pepper Shakers that are made of plastic and only 2" tall! Adorable and very clean and shiny and the lettering is still in perfect condition!

From there we travel to Mardi Gras Festive Ware OPEN LINK! to be reminded how wonderful it was to dring ice cold water from Moms aluminum brightly colored cups!

A set of 2 in fuschia and bright red!

Last but most definitely not least...I love this beautiful Fiesta Ware Sugar Bowl (or onion soup bowl). I remember I had a box of Fiesta Ware stored in the garage and somehow they disappeared!
Check all of these out at

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