Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miniature Chinese Hand Painted Art and the Gospels!

Wow! I have just posted very darling little bookmarkers in an upholstered box, that is a vintage souvenir item. The box has 10 beautifully hand painted images of landscapes and bridges, pagodas, and mountains, etc on tiny wooden almost paper thing bookmarkers. On the reverse side of them is Chinese characters. I would love to know what they say! Anyone know? Please let me know. Here's the full post:

I also posted this sparkling Beunilum Aluminum Tray OPEN LINK! with a Cut Glass insert. I love it. Handwrought and in great condition, the metal is almost flawless, which is unique for a piece like this from the 40-50's. A bit about the popularity of aluminum ware:

Aluminum was more expensive than gold or silver until the 1850s. Chemists learned how to refine bauxite to get aluminum. Jewelry and other small objects were made of the valuable metal until 1914, when an inexpensive smelting process was invented. The aluminum collected today dates from the 1930s through the 1950s. Hand-hammered pieces are the most popular.

The 3 sectioned cut glass insert is in pristine condition!

And finally, my recent post includes these 2 fabulously old Hymnals dated the 40's!
Harvest Call OPEN LINK!

And Beacon Light OPEN LINK!

They are in very good condition for paperbacks from the 40's. Amazing Grace!


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